Fitness Training Workshops

Fitness Training Workshops

Enhance and vary your daily workouts by incorporating new training methods such as TRX, Kettlebells, Machines or Olympic moves. Our expert instructors will take you through one-hour workshops for only $20 a session.

Weight Room
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Kettlebell Training with Rob Blue
Mondays | 6:00pm
March 7 and April 4
Thursdays | 12:00pm
March 10 and April 14

TRX Suspension Training with Jenna Scanlan
Tuesdays | 9:00am
March 22 and April 19

Weight Machine Demos with Alex Kolt
Thursdays | 10:00am
March 24 and April 28

Olympic Power Moves with Kim Galbreath
(Squats, Cleans, and Deadlifts)
Thursdays | 5:00pm
March 31 and April 28

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David Nutting, Fitness Coordinator / Personal Trainer

303.770.2582 x376

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