NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist Development Program

Specializing in Corrective Exercise with NASM can stretch your earning potential along with your clients’ abilities to reduce the risk of injury—helping them move, feel and live better.

By becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, you’ll take your fitness career to new levels, learning how to assess clients in a whole new way. It will help you better identify their movement compensations, where they are weak or strong and hone your ability to use that knowledge to design effective and efficient programs.

September 15-October 24 | Info Session September 1 and 2

Q&A with Vic Spatola, Master Trainer

September 1 |September 2

Why Invest in CES Training?

Your ability to assess clients will go from generalized to specific, breaking assessments down into smaller, more in-depth pieces so you can identify different parts of the body in need of attention.

NASM Master Trainer Vic Spatola will take classroom material and apply it to the real world to help your clients. Become a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and increase your client base today.

The Greenwood Advantage

  • Hands-on learning in a practical setting
  • Classes are limited in size for more personalized attention (capped at 8)
  • Shadow industry professionals training actual clients


  • Learn advanced assessment techniques
  • Learn muscle activating techniques
  • Learn common injuries and how to work with them

Course Schedule

6 weeks

New Dates Coming Soon
Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-8:00pm
Saturday 12:00-4:00pm
Must register and have first installment payment processed before first session.

Additional Information

Course Cost – $2,000

Payment Schedule
$1,000 Deposit Due six weeks before the start date
$900 Due four weeks before
$900 Due by start date
Prerequisites – Must have a NASM-CPT certification to register and attend the course.

Benefits of Corrective Exercise for Clients

Increased flexibility Joint stability Improved coordination Reduced risk of injury Improved recovery ability Preparation for high-intensity training Corrects muscle imbalance

Meet Your Trainer

Vic Spatola master personal trainer, martial arts manager, and TRIBE team training coach

NASM Master Trainer

303.770.2582 x339

Vic has been in the personal training industry for more than 20 years. During his tenure as fitness manager for several health clubs, he has coached and mentored top-tier trainers and has interned more than 15 students who have become personal trainers. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Adult Wellness from the University of South Florida, and has been a certified NASM CPT since 1997. Vic also earned his PES and CES credentials from NASM, and has been certified under NSCA with the CSCS certification.

Kim Galbreath

Vic Spatola was essential in my success as a personal trainer and certification through NASM. I entered the CPT career without any sort of exercise science degree and spent countless hours with Vic in an internship setting. He helped bring the NASM textbook to life, showing me how to apply the concepts to real-world client situations and properly utilize corrective exercise within a program. I wouldn't have the confidence I do as a trainer without Vic!

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Vic Spatola, Martial Arts Manager / Personal Trainer

303.770.2582 x339

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