Yoga Nidra and Gong Bath

Yoga Nidra and Gong Bath

Enveloped in the sounds of both ancient and new age instruments, participants will experience the benefits of this 6,000-year-old tradition of sound healing and meditation. Lying still, supported for comfort, participants fall into a deep space of guided relaxation as they are bathed with vibrational energy from head to toe.

Friday, September 25
6:00-7:15pm / Jade Studio

Live: $25 Members
Bring your own yoga mat, blanket, bolster or pillow for support
Space will be limited to 12 to ensure your well-being

Livestream from your location: $20
Link/code will be provided upon registration


Gong Baths have been known to:

  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • bring harmony, clarity and balance to your system
  • improve sleep
  • raise your vibrational energy
  • provide space to release stagnant, negative emotions

For More Information

Malissa Schwamm, Yoga Manager and Instructor

303.770.2582 x324

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