Youth Safety Protocols


  • Reduced hours of operation in Phase One and Two
  • Limit to 6 kids in Kids’ Club
  • Limit to 9 kids in Youth Activity Club (YAC)
  • Reservations will be required via the Member Portal
    • View our Kids’ Club Reservation Tutorial 
    • Log into Member Portal
    • On the left hand side go to Childcare Reservations
    • Next to “who?” Check child’s name that you want to make the reservation for
    • Under “any room” drop menu pick Kids Club or YAC
    • Pick the date you would like to reserve for (you can reserve for up to a week advance)
    • Pick duration of time you would like to make reservation for
    • Pick time
    • Click confirm
  • Limited to two hours maximum per stay
  • Cashless in Phase One – no exchange of bills/coins
  • Hand sanitizer at entrance for kids and parents to use before/after leaving
  • Kids to have temperatures taken before entering Kids’ Club/YAC. Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed
  • Any child with runny nose, cough or symptoms of being sick will not be allowed
  • Parents will be located if child shows symptoms of being sick while in KC/YAC; KC kids will be held in Maria’s office and YAC kids in Colleen’s office until parent picks them up
  • No food will be allowed
  • We will NOT feed babies in Phase One or Two so please plan accordingly
  • Diapers will be changed with the standard disinfecting and cleaning protocols in place
  • Disinfect Kids’ Club/YAC external door handles, and Kids’ Club interior push button half door every 15 minutes
  • Disinfect all surfaces hourly – light switches, doorknobs, counters, computer mouse/keyboard, doors, cubbies
  • Disinfect climbing structures every two hours
  • Disinfect all playground structures every two hours
  • Disinfect and sanitize toys every two hours
    • Used toy bucket – staff track toys being used by kids and put in used toy bucket to be disinfected with BioSafe Biomechanically Engineered Water
    • Toys are cleaned each evening in dishwasher (rotate between different toys for each night of the week, Legos, pretend food/dishes, cars, etc.)
    • Playdough will not be available in Phase One
    • Remove play food, plates, etc. that are put into kids mouths more frequently than other toys
    • Stuffed animals, blankets, dress up clothes and any other item that needs to be washed in the laundry will be removed in Phase One and Two


  • Limited youth programs will be available
    • Must be limited to 10 kids or less
    • No contact
    • No sharing of equipment
    • Outside whenever possible


  • Birthday parties will not be offered in Phase One or Two

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