TRIBE Team Training Resources

TRIBE Team Training Resources

Take your fitness to the next level with TRIBE Team Training Session replays and videos by our instructors breaking down each workout.

When you join a TRIBE Team, you commit to your fitness, your goals and your Team. You are part of a Team that will train, motivate and succeed together for six weeks. Your TRIBE Coach adapts each exercise to suit all fitness levels, from beginner to athlete. TRIBE Team Training™ creates community, fosters accountability and delivers RESULTS!

TribeFIT Session 4 with Brandon

Plyometric Lunge

Hip Openers

Lateral Jump Squat

TribeFIT Session 2

TribeFIT Week 1 Session 2

Warm Up

Medicine Ball Squats

Week 1 Day 1 TribeFIT with Tracy


Workout Explanation


TribeLIFE Session 6

8 ViPR Single Deadlift Rows (L/R)
8 Animal Push Ups
8 KB Shift Swings
8 ViPR Curtsy Lunges (L/R)

25m Walking Lunges
12.5m Traveling Beetles

8 ViPR Single Deadlifts (L/R) 8 Push Ups
8 KB Swings
8 Curtsy Lunges (L/R)

25m Return Lateral Twists
8 Beetles

TribeLIFE Session 4

60secs 3x
Walking Lunges
Traveling Beetles
KB Shift Swings
30 secs rest

60secs 3x
Return Lateral Twists
Animal Push-Ups
ViPR Single Deadlift Rows (1/2 L, 1/2 R)
30 secs rest

60secs 3x
ViPR Curtsy Lunges (1/2 L, 1/2 R)
Animal Squats
KB Swings
30 secs rest

Session 2

18mins of
5 ViPR Curtsy Lunges (L/R) 5 Beetles
5 ViPR Single Deadlifts (L/R) 10 KB Shift Swings
10 Animal Push Ups

14mins ATAC
12.5m Return Lateral Twists 8 Animal Squats
4 Curtsy Lunges (L/R)
8 ViPR Hooks
8 Push Ups

TribeLIFE with Jenny Stevens – April 28

TribeFIT with Tracy Fellows – April 25

TribeFIT with Tracy Fellows – April 23

TribeFIT with Tracy Fellows – April 20

TribeFIT with Brandon Smith – April 21

TribeLIFE with Jenny Stevens – April 21