Policies and Rules

Club Policies

The following are the Greenwood Athletic Club Metropolitan District (the “District”) Policies and Rules adopted to ensure maximum enjoyment and usage of Club Greenwood facilities. The Policies and Rules establish a basis for conduct of persons using Club Greenwood. All members, guests and other persons using Club Greenwood facilities must abide by all applicable Policies and Rules of Club Greenwood in order to ensure the health, welfare and safety of all persons on or about the Club Greenwood premises.

The District, Club Greenwood and the Club Greenwood management reserves the right to refuse or revoke privileges to anyone who violates these Policies and Rules and to remove and/or ban such persons from Club Greenwood premises.

All use of the Club Greenwood facilities is at your own risk. The District, Club Greenwood and Club Greenwood management are not responsible for any athletic injuries or any other injuries sustained while using Club Greenwood facilities.

The Policies and Rules for the Tennis Club (which term includes the indoor and outdoor tennis courts) may vary from what is printed here.

Cameras with recording and member identification capabilities may be in use at Club Greenwood.

Membership Options

Member shall be defined as an advance-pay multiple time user of Club Greenwood.

Single Membership: An individual membership for adults 16 years of age or older based on the following categories:

Associate: ages 16 through 27
Young Professional: ages 28 through 37
Adult: ages 38 through 69
Senior: ages 70 and over

Dual Membership: A dual membership for (1) an adult, 18 years of age or older, and one other adult, 18 years of age or older, from the same household; or (2) an adult, 18 years of age or older, and one child or legal dependent 18 years of age or younger or 24 years of age or younger if enrolled as a full-time student. Proof of shared residence in the form of driver’s license or utility bill, proof of full-time college enrollment and written legal documentation of guardianship, as applicable, must be provided at the time of enrollment. Proof of college enrollment required annually each August.

Family Membership: (1) two adults, 18 years of age or older, living in the same household with children or legal dependents 18 years of age or younger or 24 years of age or younger if enrolled as a full-time student; or (2) one parent and two or more children or legal dependents 18 years of age or younger or 24 years of age or younger if enrolled as a full-time student. Proof of shared residence in the form of driver’s license or utility bill, proof of full-time college enrollment and written legal documentation of guardianship, as applicable, must be provided at the time of enrollment. Proof of college enrollment required annually each August.

Nanny Membership: A nanny may be added to a membership that includes a child 12 years or younger. Member must fill out and submit a guardianship form.

Corporate Membership: Specific information on our Corporate Membership option is available from a Club Greenwood Membership Advisor.

College Add-On Membership: Young adults, between 19 and 24 years of age that are enrolled as a full-time student may be added to their parent’s or legal guardian’s Single Membership for an additional charge. Proof of full-time college enrollment in the form of current college registration and a valid student I.D. must be provided at the time of enrollment. The Single Membership must be active at the time of enrollment. If a College Add-On Membership is purchased, there will be no refunds in the event that the College Add-On Membership is not fully used.

In the event that a parent or legal guardian with a Dual Membership wishes to add a child or legal dependent, between 19 and 24 years of age that is enrolled as a full-time student, to their membership, the membership must be upgraded to a Family Membership. Proof of full-time college enrollment in the form of current college registration and a valid student I.D. must be provided for students ages 18-24. Initiation fees may apply.

If not enrolled in college, each child or legal dependent on a Family Membership who reaches the age of 19 will be required to purchase an Associate Membership. Initiation fees in such cases will be waived if there is no lapse of time between the Family Membership and Associate Membership.

Status Changes: If a status changes (including, but not limited to, divorce, separation, relocation or age) members should notify the Business Office so that each member can be enrolled into the appropriate membership.

Youth Policy

View our Complete Youth Policy here»

Except as otherwise provided herein, children under 13 years of age in Club Greenwood are required to be accompanied by a parent (or adult member 16 years of age or over) at all times, as detailed in our Youth Policy document.

Young adults between 13 and 15 years of age may utilize Club Greenwood without adult supervision only if they have participated in our Youth Certification. This assures their knowledge, safety, and well-being in using certain areas of Club Greenwood. A parent consent form and a birth certificate are needed for a dependent child to complete a Youth Certification, which consists of a physical and written assessment. Refer to Youth Policy page for more detailed information.

Use of Outdoor Tennis Courts: Children 10 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent (or adult member 18 years of age or over) or Club Greenwood tennis professional for all court utilization including ball machines. The exception would be a child who is able to demonstrate exceptional tennis skill and knowledge of the rules and court etiquette. The minimum skill level for children 10 years of or under to utilize a court unattended is the satellite level. Children not participating in our development program may be tested by any Club Greenwood tennis professional to determine their level of play.


All initiation fees, monthly membership dues, and Club Greenwood charges may be subject to change. Members will be appropriately notified of such changes, as determined by management.

Prepayment Discount: If a member wishes to prepay his/her membership for one year in advance, the dues will be discounted by 10%. This prepayment arrangement is non-refundable and non-transferable. Click here to prepay »

Membership dues and charges must be paid monthly to maintain an active membership. Partial payment of the initiation fee and any outstanding balances will be required to rejoin if the membership cancels due to non-payment. If there is no balance owed and an individual would like to rejoin, then only partial repayment of the initiation fee will be required.

The obligation to pay dues is not dependent upon the availability of all Club Greenwood’s designated facilities. Tournaments, construction, repair and/or maintenance of some facilities, and/or other occurrences may make it necessary for Club Greenwood to restrict use of one or more of the facilities or to temporarily close Club Greenwood. Dues will not be reduced or suspended during these occurrences.

Charges left outstanding 30 days after billing are subject to a service charge. Cancellation or closure of a credit card or bank account used for billing purposes in no way relieves the member of his or her responsibility for payment. Any member who is still delinquent on his or her obligation to Club Greenwood for more than 30 days may be suspended from use of Club Greenwood facilities, terminated from membership, and reported to a collection agency.

Members are responsible for giving written notice to Club Greenwood of any change of address, billing information, or membership types by the last day of the preceding month in order to reflect the change in the following billing cycle. There will be no refunds given post billing.

Management reserves the right to terminate a membership without a prior suspension of privileges if sufficient cause is determined.

If the membership is terminated due to a violation of the Policies and Rules, the member shall be legally obligated to pay any unpaid balance due Club Greenwood. Club Greenwood shall retain all fees, dues, and sums previously paid by the member to Club Greenwood with no right of the member to obtain any refund.

Medical Freeze: A member may apply for a leave of absence of up to six months for medical reasons only. Verification in writing from the member’s administering physician is required in advance of the effective date of the medical leave. During medical leave, collection of dues is placed on hold and the member may not utilize any of Club Greenwood facilities. If at the end of the six months, the member is still medically unable to utilize Club Greenwood, the member will be contacted to make arrangements regarding payment and continued membership status or membership cancellation. Club Greenwood will not offer a refund or credit of dues for past months that were not used.

Alumni Members: If a previous member that has resigned wishes to return to Club Greenwood, he or she will be required to pay half of the current initiation fee or back dues, whichever is less.


Should a member need to resign a membership, the account balance must be brought to zero and the membership must be resigned, in writing, a full billing cycle in advance (e.g. any member resigning between January 2-January 31 will be billed for February.) Written resignations may be submitted to Club Greenwood cancellation department by filling out this form (click here), hand delivery, First-Class U.S. Mail or electronic mail or email [email protected]. A confirmation receipt from Club Greenwood cancellation department must be received to confirm the resignation. Oral resignations or voicemail messages will not be accepted.

Fill out form to Cancel your Membership


All guests must present a valid driver’s license or ID.

Guest is defined as a single-day user of Club Greenwood.

In an attempt to provide security and convenience to members, the following guest policies have been established.

Guest fees are not intended to be a substitute for membership.

Guests may use Club Greenwood up to three times in a one-month period.

Guests may purchase guest passes at the front desk. Please refer to the current pricing sheet for appropriate guest fees.

No other discounts will apply. Guest passes are valid through the expiration date only.

Guests must be accompanied by the hosting member and have an authorized, prepaid guest pass in their possession.

All guests entering the building must check-in at the front desk and complete all registration procedures, including signing in and presenting a photo I.D., prior to entering the Club Greenwood facilities.

Free Guest Day for members is scheduled on the 3rd Friday of each month. Occasionally free guest days will be scheduled on a different date due to the scheduling of special events; such changes will be posted at the desk.

On Free Guest Day, one guest per adult member (18 years of age or over) is allowed. Free Guest Day counts toward the three-visit-per-month limit. Guests must be accompanied by a member on Free Guest Days.

An adult member or guest must accompany all guests 17 years of age or younger at all times. Guest passes may not be used as a substitute for guest fees associated with a training session or program.


All members will be required to present their membership card or App/I.D. upon entering Club Greenwood. For your safety, all members will be required to have a photo on their profile and present their membership card upon entering Club Greenwood at every visit.

Unauthorized use of a membership card/I.D. by a person other than the Club Greenwood member to whom the card is issued may result in termination of membership and/or removal from Club Greenwood premises. Please report all lost membership cards immediately to Club Greenwood management. Replacement of a lost, stolen, or destroyed membership card may require a fee.


The spirit of our open court reservation system is to provide for fair and efficient use of the courts and for the enjoyment of all our members. The actual amount of open court time made available on a daily basis is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of Club Greenwood management. Members may reserve courts up to six days in advance beginning at 8:00 a.m. Open court time reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individual members may arrange one advanced court time per day. Additional same-day reservations may be made upon completion of the first reserved court time provided space is available. To make a reservation, you may call the reservation line at 303.771.2588.

Guests may reserve courts up to two days in advance beginning at 10:00 a.m. A $30 non-refundable court reservation fee is required. Each guest must pay a guest fee, in addition to the court reservation fee.

Individuals, who hoard courts, frequently cancel reservations, deliberately double book courts, arrive late, leave court times early or have a history of no-showing for reserved courts; face reservation sanctions, no-show fees and/or termination of their membership. A reservation is considered to be a “no-show” 15 minutes after the posted reservation time. At this point, the reservation is terminated and returned to the Tennis Club for general usage. A fee of $25.00 may be assessed for all late court cancellations and no-shows to the primary reservation holder. To avoid cancellation fees, cancellations must be completed on-line or by calling the front desk more than 24 hours prior to the beginning of the recorded reservation time.


Cancellations: Private lesson cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notification prior to the scheduled appointment. The full-posted price of the lesson may be charged for late cancellations.

Program cancellations received at least seven days prior to the start of the session will receive a full refund less a $5 processing fee. Cancellations received less than seven days prior to the start of the program will receive a credit toward another program during the current winter or summer season.

Guest Program Participation: Availability of enrollment in programs for Guests is dependent upon space availability; members are given priority in enrolling for programs. Pricing and restrictions for guests are posted for applicable programs.


All persons on Club Greenwood premises must conduct and present themselves in such a manner as to preserve the comfort, health, safety and welfare of others on Club Greenwood premises.

Proper etiquette, language, and courtesy are to be observed at all times. This includes proper conduct and relinquishing of the courts/studios on schedule. Violators (members or guests) may be asked to leave without a refund.

Proper footwear must be worn for designated surfaces at Club Greenwood facilities, including, but not limited to the Tennis Club. No flip-flops or toe-less shoes are allowed in the weight room or cardiovascular areas. No black-soled shoes shall be worn where specified. No form of skating or skating footwear, skateboards or roller blades are permitted in the Club Greenwood building. No lacrosse balls or hardball playing is allowed inside Club Greenwood facility.

Proper attire is required at all times for each respective sport. No torn, ragged, or cut-off clothing is permitted. Men must wear shirts in the public areas of Club Greenwood, including on the tennis and pickleball courts, however, men may remove shirts on the basketball courts, hot yoga studios and pools. Hats or other clothing with offensive illustrations or language are not permitted.

No smoking, vaping or tobacco products or guns, firearms or weapons of any kind will be allowed on Club Greenwood premises.

Private instruction at Club Greenwood may only be provided by Club Greenwood authorized personnel only. This includes, but is not limited to, personal trainers, Pilates instructors, tennis pros, basketball coaches, aquatics instructors and multisport trainers within all areas of Club Greenwood.

All personal training, private swim, tennis and Pilates is non-refundable, nontransferable and expire one year after the date of purchase.

Cancellations: Private session cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notification prior to the scheduled appointment. The full-posted price of the session will be charged for late cancellations.

Violation of any of these Policies and Rules by a member or persons in his/her family or guest may result in the termination of membership and/or suspension of membership or guest privileges for a period to be determined by Club Greenwood management. During any period of suspension, the obligation for dues shall continue to maintain an active status with no lapse of membership.

Any person who willfully or neglectfully causes damage to Club Greenwood property shall pay for such damage. Members are responsible for damage incurred by dependent children and guests.

A membership may be subject to termination at the sole discretion of Club Greenwood management if any amount due from a member remains unpaid for 30 days after it has been billed, or if membership privileges for a member have been suspended on previous occasion and if thereafter a second cause for suspension occurs.

Membership does not confer or include interest of ownership in the facilities or assets of Club Greenwood, the District or Club Greenwood management. Membership grants no rights to govern or control the affairs of Club Greenwood. No member may sell or transfer his or her membership. Memberships are non-assignable.

Rental of the Club Greenwood facilities may be available to members at the sole discretion of Club Greenwood management. Club Greenwood Management will establish hours, days and rates for rental of all courts, exercise studios, pool, gymnasium, and classrooms for private gatherings. Management reserves the privilege of refusing rental of Club Greenwood facilities if it is decided the function is not in the best interest of Club Greenwood or its members.

Any person removed or banned from use of Club Greenwood facilities or whose privileges have been refused or revoked may appeal such action.

Promotion: It is understood that it is in the best interest of Club Greenwood and its members to advertise and promote the activities of Club Greenwood. All members, therefore, authorize the use of any pictures, video or audio of the members taken on Club Greenwood premises by Club Greenwood to be used in advertising, promotion or general publication, provided however that members may request that Club Greenwood cease using any particular picture, video or audio in materials that are not already in existence or production. Club Greenwood reserves the right to determine which external businesses/affiliations may advertise within Club Greenwood.


Absolutely no outside food or beverages are permitted in the Club. ID must be shown each time an alcoholic beverage is purchased. Alcoholic beverages will be served and consumed only within designated areas of Club Greenwood such as the pool deck, the cafe, social space and the deck. Club Greenwood members and guests shall abide by all laws governing the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The following are grounds for dismissal of membership:

  • Bringing alcohol into the club
  • Consuming alcohol under the age of 21
  • Purchasing alcohol for anyone under the age of 21
  • Leaving the premises with alcohol purchased here
  • Drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Consuming alcohol outside of the designated areas


Club Greenwood is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost items found by or turned in to Club Greenwood are stored for a maximum of three weeks and then discarded or given to charity. Please contact the Service Desk for inquiries regarding general items (i.e. lost clothing, shoes, bags, etc.) and contact the Business Office regarding lost valuables (i.e. jewelry, water bottles, etc.).


Club: Cell phone conversations are allowed in the lobby, at the café and outside only.

No use of any electronic device for any purpose in the locker rooms. No use of any electronic device in studios while class is in session (Exception: Fitness Apps).

Electronic device use for quiet functions (gaming, texting, video watching, music, web use) is allowed in any area of the club, except locker rooms and studios when classes or training are in session.

Video recording and camera use prohibited in all areas of the Club, unless approved by management.

Tennis Club: The use of any mobile electronic device for communications (e.g., phone, email, text) is strictly prohibited, except in the pro shop and observation deck areas of the Tennis Club.

Locker room: The use of any electronic device for any purpose is strictly prohibited in locker rooms.

Service Animal Policies

Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are trained canines ONLY. There are no specific requirements about height and weight. Therapy animals do not qualify as service animals and are not protected under the ADA.

Service animals are individually trained to perform a task for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Service animals are not required to be listed on a registry, possess paperwork declaring the animal as a service animal, or wear a service animal vest.

Service animals must always be under the handler’s control and must have a harness, leash, or another tether unless the handler’s disability prohibits their use or if the animal’s tasks would be directly hindered by such equipment.

Businesses may ask a handler to remove their service animal if the animal is disruptive, aggressive, or not housebroken.

It is the responsibility of the handler, not businesses, to provide care and control for a service animal.


The Policies and Rules contained herein may not contain all rules applicable to the use of Club Greenwood. Other rules, regulations and policies (e.g. Youth Policy) may be posted in and around Club Greenwood and/or available from the Membership Office of Club Greenwood.

These Policies and Rules are subject to change without notice and are subject to interpretation by the District and/or Club Greenwood management. Please check with the Membership Office to verify the most current information regarding Club Greenwood rules, regulations and policies.

These policies and rules may be amended from time to time, including, but not limited to, any temporary or periodic policies, rules and/or regulations that may be promulgated from time to time to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public and/or to comply with federal, state, or local orders. Members must abide by those rules and/or regulations and can be found as stated on our general safety protocols page.