Cancellation Policy

Membership Cancellations

Should a member need to resign a membership, the account balance must be brought to zero and the membership must be resigned, in writing, a full billing cycle in advance (e.g. any member resigning between January 2-January 31 will be billed for February.) Written resignations may be submitted to Club Greenwood cancellation department by filling out this form, hand delivery, First Class U.S. Mail or electronic mail [email protected]. A confirmation receipt from Club Greenwood cancellation department must be received to confirm resignation. Oral resignations or voicemail messages will not be accepted.

Resignation Form

Information Requested

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I understand that upon resignation of my membership, I will pay any remaining account balance, and all account balances must be brought to zero. If I wish to return to Club Greenwood, I will be required to pay half the current initiation fee or back dues, whichever is less to rejoin the club. Tennis Club members are required to pay 75% of the current initiation fee. I understand that if there were any unused services such as personal training, Pilates, swimming lessons or others, I am able to use them until one-year from the date of purchase of the individual item, but as a non-member I am required to pay a guest fee. I understand that this serves as written notice for cancellation, and that this written notice must be received a full billing cycle in advance (i.e. if the member’s resignation is to become effective on September 30th, Club Greenwood must receive the written notice between August 2- August 31st). (By clicking the send request button below, typing your name in the Signature Line constitutes your signed consent. You will receive an email from the business office which will confirm your cancellation effective date.)