Group Fitness Workouts

Group Fitness Workouts

Experience on-demand group fitness workout options with your favorite instructions from Barre to BodyCombat. We may not be able to work out as a group right now, but that won’t keep us from working out together. Join our group fitness instructors for new workouts every week. Let’s get to work.

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5 minute Barre Abs and Arms with Christine Morris

Tone and strengthen your core and create shapely arms.

45 Minute Barre Class with Megan Rudden

Focus on small movements, holding your core tight and keeping your chest proud. Let’s go!

Jill Schmidt

12 Minute Upper Body Workout with Weights

This convenient 12-minute upper body workout will tone your upper body.

Total Body Workout

Strengthen and tone the entire body in this 30-minute Total Body Workout.

woman working out in red pants and white shirt doing crunches

Do Anywhere Circuit Training by Jill Schmidt

No Equipment Needed

25 Jumping Jacks
7 Pushups
15 Crunches
8 Squats
8 Burpees
25 Jumping Jacks
1 Minute Wall Sit
7 Pushups
15 Crunches
8 Squats
20 High Knees

Repeat 2 times


Total Body Cardio aka “JimSanity”

50 minutes of cardio with modifications for any level. Core conditioning and stretching to finish.

Tammy Damrath

Glider Workout

10-minute Workout with Gliders. Don’t have gliders? Try slippers or a towel on a wood floor

High-Intensity Interval Workout

No equipment needed. 30 minutes, 15 drills, 40 seconds of work, 20-second rest, 2 rounds.


Malissa’s Outdoor Yoga Flow

Need an energy boost? Skip the caffeine and instead check out this outdoor flow practice which will bring warmth and strength into your body. The sequence can be repeated as many times as you like for added heat. Stay well and stay connected.



Malissa Schwamm guides you through calming and energizing breathing exercises.

woman doing practicing yoga and doing a forward fold with a plant and marble wall in the background

How To Create A Home Yoga Space

We’re going to be here a little longer, so why not create an inviting space to welcome change, breathe deeply and move mindfully.

Tips for creating an at-home practice space:
• A Firm Foundation. Roll out your yoga mat, settle on a comfy rug or blanket.
• Create a Vibe. Add a salt lamp or let in the natural light, include plants, music, essential oils.
• Get Grounded. Blocks, blankets, eye pillows, yoga strap, the wall.
• Best practice. Sanitize and wipe down your mat and props.

Thermal Yoga with Danessa

In this 30-minute video, we’ll cover ‘best body form’ for 10 of the most challenging Yoga postures and breathwork associated with the Thermal practice, including Half Moon, Eagle, Standing Bow, Camel, Rabbit, & Kapalabhati breath.

Kick up your metabolism

Cardiovascular Interval Training

CVI Workouts

HIIT Cardiovascular Training

Workout from Cycling Instructor Carol Gibbs. Learn to Pace. Feel the difference between max effort and very intense effort.

Workout PDF

Combo Workout

Mix things up! This works all of the metabolic (or energy) systems.

Workout PDF

Aerobic Capacity

Increase the amount/volume of oxygen that our muscle cells consume. This will increase your tolerance to the lactic acid burn you feel and how quickly your muscles flush out the lactic acid.

Workout PDF

Anaerobic Endurance

Enhances the production of energy when oxygen is not sufficient to burn fat. Integrate these anaerobic workouts in your program to increase fat burning efficiency and lactic acid threshold.

Workout PDF

Carol Gibbs’ Anaerobic Endurance

Learn to Pace. Feel the difference between max effort and very intense effort.

Workout PDF


Shelter in Place – Fast Fitness with Coach Abbie

While this workout was originally developed for Abbie’s swim and triathlon students as an alternative to pool time to stay fit during the quarantine, it really is a great full-body workout for everyone.

Need more of a challenge? Repeat the series multiple times or add bands or weights. Make it your own by adding music. Start a new family routine! Make it social and add friends and family virtually. Suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

Hot Tub or Bathtub Workout with Kelly Seavall

If you have a hot tub or even a bathtub these are some great exercises! Coach Kelly was inspired to continue working on her strength using a ball or bands with the resistance of the water. Enjoy!

At Home Cycling Workouts