Cycling Workouts

Cycling Workouts

We are bringing the Club Greenwood cycling studio to you! Challenge your fitness and your VO2 Max with high-intensity intervals, accelerations, HIIT training and more.

Home Alone Cycling Workout with Barbara

Get back on your bike and enjoy this basic HIIT workout. Start the Spotify playlist below at one minute to enhance your workout.

Spotify Playlist

Hour of Power Cycling Workouts by Tim Hola

10 min EZ warm-up, your choice in effort

Do the following 4 times:

4 x 1 min PE 9
1 min EZ rest in between each

4 x 2 min PE 9
1 min EZ rest in between each

4 x 3 min PE 8
1:30 min EZ rest in between each

4 x 4 min PE 6
2 min EZ rest in between each

10 min. EZ

1:12ish total..DONE!

10-12 min warm-up with level 9 efforts from minutes
5-6 and 9-10

Then do 3 rounds of the following:

4 min PE 7
4 min PE 8
4 min PE 9
4 min rest

5 min cooldown.


Kim Stevens Cycle Instructor

Cycle at Home with Kim Stevens

Ride through your favorite decades of music! All-terrain ride through hills, fast flats and endurance for a well rounded and sing along ride.

Spotify Playlist

60s, 70s, 80s, Todays

Cycle at Home 3 Workout

Neal McLaughlin club greenwood cycle Instructor

Neal McLaughlin's Indoor Cycling workouts

We all still need/want to stay in shape. Accordingly, I am providing some hour-long cycling workouts that can be done on an indoor trainer or stationary bike. Remember, an hour riding indoors is roughly equivalent to an hour outside.

Combos, Intervals and Accelerations

Gerry Hodne club greenwood cycle and Group Fitness Instructor

Gerry Hodne's Cycling Workouts

Enjoy the ride, miss you all! Refer to the Train With Power chart for power zones.

5-Minute Power Pushes


Carol Gibbs cycle and Group Fitness Instructor

Carol Gibb's Cycling Workouts

Learn to Pace. Feel the difference between max effort and very intense effort.

Pyramid Challenge

Spotify Playlist

Pacing Running and Cycling App: STRAVA


Spotify Playlist

HIIT Anaerobic Endurance

Spotify Playlist

Cardiovascular Interval Training