Pilates Workouts

Pilates Workouts

The Club Greenwood Pilates family is missing you! That’s why the instructors have designed a variety of classes for you to keep up your practice even away from the reformers. Keep checking back for new content from your favorite instructors.

Pilates Tips


“Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.” – Joseph Pilates

The diaphragm is the main muscle of inspiration.

Benefits of diaphragmatic breathing include:

  • nourishes and cleanses tissues in your body
  • carries away impurities and metabolic waste
  • relaxes the central nervous system
  • minimizes our fight or flight response
  • improves mobility of the thoracic spine
  • facilitates better core control

To inhale, place your hands on your lower/side ribs and “inhale into your hands.” Expand your low ribs as much as possible without lifting the chest. Your diaphragm and pelvic floor with both pull downward to allow room for the lungs to expand with air.

On your exhale, the diaphragm and pelvic floor will lift back up to the original resting position. Because of this synergy between the diaphragm and pelvic floor, a full exhale will facilitate a good contraction of your deep lower abdominals. This allows for a connectedness that is essential for quality movement.


Try to set aside time each day to do any type of Pilates.  This could be 5 minutes to 55 minutes of stretching, breathing, or engaging in one of the videos that are being posted on the Club Greenwood workout page.

I would suggest that you first get comfortable with the exercise and the movement before getting caught up in the breath pattern.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates

Once you have the movement down, start to focus on breathing deeply into the sides of your rib cage and back.  I truly believe the more you practice Pilates, the harder it gets because you are able to dive deeper into your body.  Taking deep breaths reduces stress and boosts immune function along with your energy and mood. All of this is so important, especially in times like these.

Kim Myers

Struggle with knee pain or stiffness? These exercises are recommended to help improve and prevent knee pain and improve joint mobility.

April Anderson

Total Body Pilates in 35 Minutes

Join April to take some much needed time for yourself – move, strengthen and stretch your body.

Balance and Strength

30-minute Pilates class to focus on improving your balance and strengthening your entire body. Grab some light weights and let’s get working!

Post Walk, Run, or Bike Ride

30-Minute Pilates Session with April. Perfect after a walk, run or bike ride. Fire up your core and glutes, and work your entire posterior chain.

Pilates mat with small ball/pillow and weights

52 minutes off classic Pilates exercise with small equipment

Gentle Pilates with a Chair

Pilates with chair exercises can be modified for beginners, making them accessible even if you’re new to this form of exercise.

Dawn Holles

Shoulder Stabilization without Weights

Shoulder stabilization and upper back exercises to strengthen muscles of the upper back and shoulder.

Leg Stretches and Ankle Strengthening

These exercises are great for injury prevention and athletes from pre-teen to active adults.

Stabilize Your Core

Advanced Pilates exercises to work your obliques. Stabilize your core and work your hips.

Core and Glute Strength

This 5-minute video will help with core and glute strength and it can also help alleviate lower back pain.

Back Relief Exercises

Engage the correct muscles with upper back scapula retraction, hip flexibility, stability and core strength.

Pilates Mat Workout

Here are some exercises to stretch and strengthen the hips after long walks and runs outside.

Teen Pilates Part One

This 5-minute video will help your teenagers learn body awareness, engage scapula retraction, and improve hip positioning.

Teen Pilates Part Two

This 5-minute video will help teenagers engage the correct muscles working the upper back, hip flexibility and stability and with core strength.

Alexis Thesis

More Pilates with Alexis

30-minute Full-Body Pilates Workout

Grab your mat for this 30-minute full-body Pilates workout. No props necessary. Good for any level. Enjoy!