Pilates with Alexis Theis

Pilates with Alexis Theis


Core Challenge

Challenge your core with this 28-minute full-body Pilates workout. No equipment necessary, good for all levels. Enjoy!

Pilates Toning Workout

This 35-minute, full-body, bone strengthening and balance-enhancing workout is great for anyone. Grab light weights or water bottles (if you don’t have weights) and join me in this osteoporosis safe workout.

Standing Balance Workout

A Pilates standing balance workout will help strengthen your legs and core.

Quadrupled Series

Follow along with this Quadrupled Series, focusing on the stomach, wrist strength and balance.

Buff Bones Inspired Workout

This 18-minute Buff Bones inspired workout aims to improve posture, hip/wrist strength and balance on the mat. An osteoporosis safe workout that works for anyone.

Challenge Your Balance

This 20-minute full-body Pilates mat workout uses a ball as a tactile cue as well as to challenge your balance. If you don’t have a ball, you can use a pillow or nothing at all.