Pilates with Vered Koslow

Pilates with Vered Koslow

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Pilates Mat with Small Ball or Pillow

This 40 minute Pilates Mat with ball and pillow workout will focus on your core (trunk) muscles while also training your arms and legs.

40 Minute Pilates Mat for Inner Thighs

Adding an unstable surface can challenge your core and stability. This full-body workout emphasizes the inner thighs.

40 Minutes of Mat Pilates

“Pilates is not a series of exercises. Pilates is a concept”
-Eve Gentry
First-generation Pilates teacher

Pilates Mat with Small Weights

If you want a little extra burn in your arms, back, shoulders, chest and core you will love this workout.

Pilates Mat with 2 Gliders

45 Minutes. Add a new dimension to your Pilates with gliding discs, plastic plates or two towels.

50 Minute Pilates with Flex Band

Introduce upper and lower-body resistance training into your mat workout for better muscle engagement.

Pilates Hip Rolls in 15 Minutes

Hip rolls are great exercises for the articulation of the spine while using your abs and glutes to support your spine during the movement.

Warm-up and Balance Exercise

Standing Pilates exercises are wonderful for developing balance. Challenge the posture muscles and strengthen your legs.

Pilates Magic Circle

The magic circle is a Pilates tool created by the founder Joseph Pilates that intended to help practitioners find their center. Engage your inner thighs and develop core strength to improve balance. 50-minute class.

Rolling Like a Ball – 10 Minutes

Rolling exercises stimulate the spine, deeply work the abdominals, and tune you into the inner flow of movement in the body. Control your movement and find your natural balance point.

Pilates Side Leg Lifts – 30 Minutes

Pilates side leg lifts work your abs, including those hard to reach obliques. It also targets your core and strengthens your back, which can improve posture and reduce pain.

40 Minute Pilates Mat: Spine Twist

Spine twist increases range of motion in the upper body by training the trunk to spiral on the central vertical axis, while maintaining the support of a stable pelvis.

Footwork with Vered

The benefits of starting with footwork help set standards for the rest of the workout and improve overall full-body health. The footwork is done in a neutral spine with engaging abs in a Pilates V.

Full Barre and Pilates Combo Class

Vered’s Barre and Pilates workout is a dynamic 43-minute total body workout which helps you experience fluid movement and seamless flow incorporating elements of Pilates, barre, and yoga.

Practice Your Teaser in 10 Minutes

The Teaser is an original Pilates exercise performed in a mat workout.

Pilates Mat with Stability Ball

Use your stability ball to help engage the subtle core muscles and keep balance.

Pilates Mat with Small Ball

Use the ball to create an unstable surface. Engage the core muscles while working your arms and legs.

Pilates Mat Ab Series

Focus on your core strength in this 18-minute class with Vered. Use your breath to improve core engagement.

Pilates Mat Series with Weights

27 Minute Pilates Mat with Flex Band

19 Minute Pilates Mat with Foam Roller