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Be a Champion in Life through Excellence in Swimming

Club Greenwood is home to the Greenwood Tiger Sharks Swim Team, a USA Swimming club with swimmers ages 6 to 20. The team was created in 1980 and has been a staple in the Colorado Swimming community. GTS swims year-round and competes with other USA Swimming clubs in Colorado and throughout the country. The team fosters excellence at all levels from novice to national and international.

  • The team practices in both a 25-meter indoor pool and a 25-meter outdoor pool, which are open year-round. More pool space allows fewer swimmers per lane for more valuable practice time.
  • The Tiger Sharks benefit not only from the amazing amenities at Club Greenwood but also from the incredible nationally certified personal trainers. All GTS land training workouts are taught by a personal trainer.
  • GTS coaches are full-time salaried, thereby making them more accessible by phone, email, or during office hours.
  • The team learns the expectation is to Respect Yourself, Respect Your Teammates, and Respect Your Coaches.

Team Schedules

Participation in meets is one of the keys to success; swimmers are encouraged to compete! Meets provide opportunities to achieve goals, improve times, experience the thrill of victory, overcome previous temporary setbacks, etc. Like any skill, the more one practices the more one will improve. Coming to practice also builds a stronger team bond, which we highly suggest.

For swimmers competing on high school teams, we encourage picking USA swimming meets wisely. Our coaches sit down with our high school athletes, happy to discuss a strategy to prepare for the high school season.

Come Swim With Us!

Greenwood Tiger Sharks is a year-round USA Swimming team. Swimmers may join the team at any point throughout the season.


  • Swim team fees vary by group; monthly or annual payment options available

Annual registration

  • $78 per swimmer for USA Swimming Premium Membership (One time annual fee per athlete). Price breakdown: $64-USA Swimming, $12- LSC-CO Swimming, $2- Team Unify Processing Fee
  • $46 per swimmer for USA Swimming Flex Membership (One time annual fee per athlete). Price breakdown: $20- USA Swimming, $5- Team Unify Processing Fee
  • $46 annual GTS registration fee (One time fee per athlete)

Request A Trial

One-Week GTS Swim Trials are also available, fill out a request form here.


How is the Greenwood Tiger Sharks team different from our neighborhood summer team?

The Tiger Sharks is a year-round USA Swimming team, while your summer team is seasonal, training and competing only during the summer months. Many of our younger swimmers train throughout the year with the Tiger Sharks and compete with their summer teams while continuing to train and compete for the Tiger Sharks. This allows our athletes to maintain healthy stroke technique and strengthen the GTS team bond.

My child is only 6 years old. Will she be practicing with older swimmers?

Swimmers on the Tiger Sharks will train in a group according to age and ability. GTS focuses on the development of the competitive strokes and endurance, helping swimmers progress to their individual potential. The coaches care about the athlete’s love of the sport and prefer a healthy mentality when it comes to competition and providing a safe and fun environment for athletes to train.

Do we need to be members of Club Greenwood in order for my swimmer to be a Tiger Shark?

Yes, all GTS swimmers are required to be members of Club Greenwood. Please call 720.838.2527 and ask about club membership. Our program is unique in that the swim team practices within a state-of-the-art health club that allows the best possible fitness and health opportunities for the entire family.

What are the practice groups?

We currently have four practice groups:
• Fish
• Sharks and Shark Flex
• Senior Prep and Senior Flex
• Senior

When will my swimmer be moved to the next practice group?

Swimmers are moved according to guidelines determined by the coaching staff and at the coaches’ discretion.

What are the practices like?

The practices vary from group to group.
• Fish Group: five practices a week for 1 hour
• Sharks and Shark Flex Group: five practices a week for one hour and 15 minutes
• Senior Prep and Senior Flex Group: five practices a week for one hour and 45 minutes
• Senior Group: eight practices a week. Morning practices range from one to two hours. The evening practices are for two hours.

Does my swimmer have to attend meets?

All swimmers need to attend meets, with the requirements varying between the groups and USA Swimming Memberships.

How often do meets occur and which meets does GTS attend?

GTS attends meets every three to four weeks based on the premise that it takes three to four weeks to break or make a habit. This way the athletes can learn from the past meet to prepare for the next meet. The coaches make the final decision regarding which meets the team attends, deciding what is best for the team.

We just moved to the area. Will my swimmer be able to join the team at any time?

Swimmers may join the Tiger Sharks at any time, as long as there is space in the practice group. We offer a one week trial for all new swimmers before making a decision about joining. Click here to request a trial

Does my swimmer need to join USA Swimming?

Having a current USA Swimming registration is required of all Tiger Sharks. This policy is set forth by USA Swimming, the national governing body of competitive swimming in the United States. There are two types of membership for USA Swimming, Flex and Premium memberships.

I have three children, two are ready for the swim team but one is still learning to swim.  What programs do you have for him/her?

We have an Aquatics program that offers a variety of programs for all ages and interests. Click here for Learn to Swim Programs.

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Greenwood Tiger Sharks Swim Team

Club Greenwood’s swim team, the Greenwood Tiger Sharks, has swimmers ages 6 to 20. This year-round swim team competes with Colorado swim teams and other USA Swimming clubs all over the nation. Most swim teams are only active in the summer months, but at Club Greenwood, we believe conditioning and endurance training should last all year long. Swimmers in the Lone Tree, Centennial, Denver, Castle Rock, Cherry Hills, Englewood, and Greenwood Village areas can expect a rigorous training regimen that can’t be found anywhere else.