TRIBE Team Training™

TRIBE Team Training™

When you join a TRIBE Team, you commit to your fitness, your goals and your Team. You are part of a Team who will train, motivate and succeed together for seven weeks. Your TRIBE Coach adapts each exercise to suit all fitness levels, from beginner to athlete. TRIBE Team Training™ creates community, fosters accountability and delivers RESULTS!

July 9 and 11
See Schedule for Dates and Times

Season 4
July 16-August 29

TRACY (Live and Livestream TribeFIT)
Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-7:00am SGPT/Zoom

In-Person Workouts
Members | $280 per season
Guests | $350 per season

Livestream Workouts
$140 per season

Register For The Season
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Trial Week
July 9 and 11

Season 4
July 16-August 29

7 weeks per season
2 workouts per week

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Experience Tribe Team Training

Ready to Find Your Tribe?


TribeFIT is a high-intensity dynamic team training workout that is scientifically designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger. TribeFIT demands it all, so bring your “A” game!


TribeLIFE is a fun, high energy, low-impact workout that will improve total body strength, fitness and cardiovascular health in a revitalizing team setting. Experience it today!


How is it different from group fitness?

TRIBE sessions are smaller in size than group fitness classes. TRIBE is scientifically proven programming, with a commitment of two sessions per week for six weeks, pre and post-assessments and RESULTS!

What is a season and why do I have to commit?
TRIBE offers back to back seasons throughout the year. Each season begins with a free Trial Week so potential new team members can check out the workouts. The subsequent seven weeks consist of twice-weekly progressive workouts.

How do I register for the season?
Register by the first session of each season via the app, website or in person at the Service Desk.

Are drop-ins allowed?

Are makeups allowed?
You can make up a missed session WITHIN the same week by having your coach set you up in another team for one workout or by contacting a coach you know and ask if you can attend a session to makeup.

Can I join mid-season?
Only with Coach approval.

Can non–members join?


Cavan McConaty

Tribe has been such a positive experience for me. I can see and feel the results of the hard work that I put in twice a week at 6:00am. These are intense workouts that leave me feeling accomplished after every session. The individual attention that I receive in the small group setting keeps my form in check, my motivation high, and keeps me accountable in showing up and putting in the work. In leading the class, Tracy is an expert with teaching the exercises and is a skillful motivator that positively pushes me past my comfort zone. I just finished my fifth season of Tribe Fit and I’m excited to start the upcoming Season!
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TRIBE Team Fitness Training at Club Greenwood

Club Greenwood’s TRIBE Team Training Program is seven weeks of intense fitness training in a communal, supportive setting. We take fitness seriously here at Club Greenwood and aim to make every fitness and weight loss goal a reality. For fitness training in the Lone Tree, Centennial, Denver, Castle Rock, Cherry Hills, Englewood, and Greenwood Village areas, join Club Greenwood’s TRIBE Team Training Program and get to where you want to be while making new friends and creating better lifestyle habits.