Cardio Classes

Cardio Group Fitness Classes

Cardio classes get your heart rate moving. From cycling, Les Mills to aqua classes, try to mix one of these fun complimentary classes into your weekly regimen.


Kick up your metabolism as an instructor guides you through interval formats. Bring a fully charged electronic device with the AudioFetch App connected to the Club Greenwood wifi and a headset. Loaner device available at the Welcome Desk.

Stages Cycling

When you cycle with Stages Flight, you roll over hills, climb mountains and sprint your way to cardiovascular fitness. If your goal is cross-training, maintaining endurance, losing weight or increasing your overall health and fitness level, our indoor cycling classes are for you!

Cycling (Rhythm Ride)

If you’re looking for a fun cycling class that’s all about the music, try Rhythm Ride! High energy, a little choreography and a lot of fun. While it’s not a Stages cycling class, you will climb hills, sprint, increase your endurance and definitely get your cardio on!

Les Mills COMBAT™

Train your whole body and get fit, fast and strong. Punch and kick your way into knockout shape.


Two formats with variety each week. The athletic format incorporates high intensity interval training using simple athletic moves with circuit inspired functional training. The classic format offers the same great cardio blocks of work and muscle conditioning but also incorporates greater variety in the moves and adds the component of speed and agility training.

Deep Water

A great cardio workout including intervals, circuits, balance challenges and strength training.

Shallow Water

Total body strength conditioning and cardio class in the shallow water. May include hand buoys, noodles or steps.

Total Body Cardio

Designed for all fitness levels to provide amazing results in a short period of time. This class is intense, but extremely fun and effective. All moves can be modified.

Cardio Express

30 minutes of a cardio blast with simple athletic moves!

Rebound 45

This 45-minute class utilizes mini trampolines and provides an effective yet low-impact cardiovascular workout that also incorporates balance and coordination. Rebounding motions are documented to stimulate the lymphatic system, which help flush out toxins.


Latin style rhythms featuring interval training for calorie burning in an easy-to-follow one-of-a-kind fitness party format.

REB3L Groove®

A bootcamp-style dance class that fuses hard-hitting choreography with HIIT mechanics and powerful music! You will leave feeling inspired, motivated, strong and empowered!


Truly one of the best health clubs around - they have an amazing range of classes and incredible instructors. I can't think of a better place to work out.
personal trainer and client doing exercise