Level One Classes at Club Greenwood

Level One is for Everyone

Level One classes and programs and suitable for beginners, mature adults or those coming back to exercise, especially if you have recently recovered from an injury or have restricted movements.

Perhaps you have been a member for a while and are looking for new classes to try, but aren’t sure where to begin. We’re here to make it easy!

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Level One Classes

Level 1 Classes are suitable for beginners, mature adults, those with restricted movements and those recovering from injuries. If you are recovering from an injury or have a special need please inform the instructor prior to class, as it will help to better coach you.

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Aqua Fit

Total body strength conditioning and cardio class in shallow water. May include hand buoys, noodles or steps.

Basic Vinyasa

The pace will be slower than our Power Vinyasa classes so we can focus on alignment and posture. This class is great for anyone working with injuries, beginning their practice or wanting to brush up on the foundations of yoga.

Buff Bones®

Combines Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise to tone your arms, hips, back and abs. Adaptable for all levels.

Candlelight Vinyasa

Start your week with this slow-paced candlelight Vinyasa class. Suitable for all levels.

Deep Water

A great cardiovascular workout including intervals, circuits, balance challenges and strength training.


Designed for everyone with an emphasis on posture, breath, strength and flexibility.

Pilates Mat

A movement system for everyBODY to lengthen, strenghten and realign through a series of functional movements for the entire body. The exercises are the perfect complement to your daily activities and favorite sport.

Restorative Yoga

This calming practice is intended to align your physical and mental being with a series of gentle poses supported by props. Leave feeling relaxed and energized. Ideal for all levels.

Rise and Shine

Stretch and strengthen with this 30 minute yoga class designed to wake up your entire body. The perfect start to your day!

Stretch & Align I / II

A series of flowing, dynamic and static stretches designed to enhance everyday functional movement. Increase flexibility and improve balance and posture. Level II incorporates more challenging core and balance work.


Begin with Yin yoga targeting the connective tissues of the body to increase circulation, improve flexibility, and renew the body’s flow of energy. Finish with Yoga Nidra, an ancient meditation technique which offers conscious relaxation on physical, mental and emotional levels. Suitable for all levels.


Suited for all levels, this class combines postures that target deep connective tissue with the healing benefits of meditation to quiet the mind. Increase circulation, improve flexibility, and renew the body’s flow of energy.

Total Body Fit

This 60-minute class combines cardio, strength and balance work for the perfect total body workout.


Latin style rhythms with interval training for calorie burning in an easy-to-follow one-of-a-kind fitness party format!

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