Pilates Classes

Pilates Class Descriptions

The reformer is an incredible workout for your body’s ‘’powerhouse’’ which is your abs, lower back, hips and glutes. Classes focus on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, which can lead to improved posture, better balance and stability. Pilates Equipment Classes are a convenient way to exercise in a group setting with individualized attention. Get a total body workout in 30 or 55 minutes (minimum of 3 private lessons required before enrolling in equipment classes).

Pilates Schedule

30 Minute
Single $20 Members | $25 Guests
8-Pack $120 Members | $160 Guests

55 minute
Single $30 Members | $35 Guests
8-Pack $200 Members | $240 Guests


Beginner Foundation exercises emphasizing support and guidance are taught using building blocks and modifications when necessary to build the framework for more advanced classes.

Intermediate These classes build upon beginner exercises and incorporate more exercises within the hour with a focus on flow, greater range of motion and transitions.

Advanced A stamina building class structured upon a longer list of intermediate to advanced exercises within the hour with a focus on flow, greater range of motion, less support, transitions, props and in some cases order.

Advanced Reformer

This class focuses on flow and is taught following the classical progression at a quick pace.


The mat work includes numerous exercises of varying difficulty and progression that are designed to stretch, strengthen and improve body alignment. Mat with Props is taught using power circles, balls, Thera bands, etc.

Pilates Basics Reformer

Did you just finish your intro pack? This class is suitable for beginners, those with restricted movements and those recovering from injuries. You’ll also learn the basic restorative reformer exercises and how to operate the reformer, preparing you to take more advanced Pilates classes.


The most widely known and versatile apparatus. Its unique combination of springs, pulleys, straps and sliding carriage make it an incredibly valuable and useful piece of equipment to strengthen the powerhouse (core) and increase flexibility.

Reformer for Athletes

This class is designed to duplicate and expand upon motions you do while out on the trail, on the bike, in the water or simply put, while in your element. Focus is on strength, awareness, balance and uniform development of the body preventing lopsidedness.