Fitness and Motivation Coaching

Fitness and Motivation Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little coaching to reach our potential. Let Kim Galbreath lead the way!

You can choose between the Fitness or Motivation Coaching programs. These include personalized weekly plans, a weekly 45 minute voice or video call and daily motivational and accountability text messages.

$300 Members | $350 Guests

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Motivation Coaching will help you focus on your overall mental wellness as we navigate this crazy time. Do you struggle to stay motivated? Are you struggling with your attitude and relationships? Are you looking for a behavior change or personal growth? Let a health coach guide you toward these goals.

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Fitness Coaching will help provide workouts and resources to keep you focused. Do you need workout reminders and tips? Have you switched up your fitness routines and need some advice? Are you looking to start running or lifting at home? Let a health coach motivate you each day.

Kim Galbreath club greenwood personal trainer and Tribe team training coach


Kim is highly passionate about getting you to your goals. After starting her own fitness journey and losing 60% of her body weight, Kim understands the hard work it takes to create lasting change. She also has experience in boxing, running, powerlifting and obstacle course racing. No matter the goal, Kim will provide the motivation to accomplish it.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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