GTS Tryouts

GTS Tryouts

GTS tryouts are open to any athlete that is four-stroke legal, able to be coached and be in a group setting. Our coaching staff will make all decisions with the ability to deny an athlete if requirements are not met. Tryouts are our way of evaluating athletes. Tryouts allow our coaching staff to see the athlete’s ability in the water and a chance to talk about goals, which helps with group placement.

Group placement is crucial to ensure an athlete is in an environment that one can strive in while finding a challenge, building confidence and a team bond. Tryouts also allow an athlete the opportunity to learn the coaching style and break through the nerves every athlete has when joining/trying a new team. The trial is an excellent chance for parents to ask questions and have a brief one-on-one conversation with the coaching staff.

Once an athlete is accepted, the athlete will be given a GTS 7-day trial, allowing athletes the opportunity to experience our team culture and practice setup. We create a foundation for our athletes to find success.

August 18
Indoor Pool

Open to Members and Guests

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We have zero tolerance for ill behavior and our number one tenant is:

Respect Yourself
Respect Your Teammates
Respect Your Coach

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