Journey to Handstand

Journey To Handstand

Guest teacher and handstand expert, Jared Harding, will offer guidance and support on how to masterfully enter and hold a handstand. Class includes:

• Full-body warmup (with a focus on wrist and shoulder mobility)
• Proper conditioning and preparation
• Safe and correct alignment
• How to overcome fear of falling
• Wall and partner-assisted balance drills
• Suggestions for continued work


handstand instructor jared harding

Jared Harding

About 10 years ago, Jared first became curious about handstands while practicing yoga. A few years later, his interest in handstands resurfaced as he began training towards a variety of gymnastic skills – planche, front lever, muscle ups, side lever and others. Jared says handstands are the perfect combination of play, strength, philosophy and balance!

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