Pilates for Teens

Pilates for Teens

Ages 14+

Pilates for Teens is a unique program where mixed equipment such as reformers, towers, Cadillacs and barrels are utilized. Pilates is excellent for helping teens with confidence, body awareness and the mind-body connection. The program can also enhance athletic capability and balance out any asymmetries from sports, like tennis, where one arm is dominant. Teens who play video games or spend time on a phone or computer can experience a rounding of the shoulders, leading to joint degeneration. Pilates for Teens will improve muscle tone, flexibility, balance, posture, core strength AND they will have fun with other like-minded youth!

• Boost Self-Confidence
• Improve Body Awareness
• Enhance Sports Performance
• Improve Posture
• Inspire an early love of movement as the
foundation for a healthy way of life

4-Week Spring Session

Ages 14-18

May 29-June 19

Two Sessions

Swan Studio
$120 Members | $150 Guests

*Registration is non-transferable or refundable. No make-ups offered


Alma S. and Mother Maya S.

Pilates at Club Greenwood is so fun! I love going there every week to learn more about how to strengthen my body. Roya is such a sweet and funny person and an amazing instructor. Maya S (Mom): When my daughter and I did a sit-up contest and she beat me without sweating it’s when I realized how much Pilates strengthened her core. She loves the class and how challenging it is, the instructor and the friends she made.

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Kim Myers, Director of Pilates

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