Power Plate

Power Plate Training

Power Plate training is complimentary with membership.
Must be a Club or Tennis Member 16 Years or over.
No non-member access.

Power Plate is the leading vibrating platform to help you prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker. It also stimulates natural reflexes, increases muscle activation, improves circulation and flexibility, boosts endurance and energy, enhances metabolism and increases circulation.

There are some situations in which the use of vibration therapy is not recommended. We recommend attending one of our complimentary seminars to better acquaint you with this device.
*Use the Power Plate is at your own risk.

A complimentary seminar will teach you:

  • The science and benefits of vibration training
  • Recommended settings and precautions


  • Stretches to improve flexibility
  • Exercises to improve strength
  • Contraindications

Benefits of Using POWER PLATE

Increase your Strength and Flexibility

Vibrations promote the reflexive engagement of soft tissue. Involuntary muscle activity promotes quick, reflexive responses in muscle fibers and an increase in circulation for mobility, stability, strength and motor control.

Recover Faster

Exercise is stress and the body needs time to rebuild to positively adapt to training. Using a Power Plate stimulates lymphatic flush, eases pain, promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, improves joint function and helps you return stronger – all in only a few minutes per day.

Assist in Weight Loss

Significant weight loss is often reported when used regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet. Research shows, when used as part of an active lifestyle, Power Plate may have a significant impact upon the reduction of cellulite and body fat. This may occur due to an increase in metabolism, both during and following exercise.

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