A Thank You Letter from Brent’s Place

Club Greenwood Members and staff,

I want to thank you on behalf of the Brent’s Place team and the families we serve each and every day.  Early October is always a special time for us thanks to your commitment to and support of the Roadless Ride.  This year your generosity helped raise more than $120,000, surpassing the record fundraising total from the previous year.  While I am keenly aware of just how lucky we are to be at Club Greenwood and to have your support, a few conversations with Dennis and Barbara this year made me realize just how special our unique partnership is.   I realized that this event simply could not be replicated anywhere else.  Whether it be Willy and your support of his incredible fundraising, the instructors and other staff who give their time or the members who ride for all 12 hours it is amazing to see.

While I can’t transport you to Brent’s Place to see the difference that you are making in the lives of so many families, I wanted to thank you and give you some perspective on your impact.  The Roadless Ride is our most successful fundraiser and provides us with the funds to provide close to 1020 days of housing and support for families at Brent’s Place.   Thanks to your support each year we are able to sustain our operations and grow our capacity to 59 units and number of families supported close to 300.

You are helping fill a dark time with rays of light for patients like Emma, an exceptionally thoughtful fourteen-year-old with a love of singing tunes from The Greatest Showman, and her family who recently stayed at Brent’s Place for 187 days after her aggressive brain tumor returned following a period of remission. She was originally a Brent’s Place resident for four months as a newly-diagnosed two-year-old; after her cancer recurred nearly a dozen years later, her family was confident that the unique Safe-Clean accommodations at Brent’s Place were the only place they would be comfortable and medically safe during the costly, stressful and isolating span of time they would spend far from home while Emma received a bone marrow transplant.  Following 187 days, countless community meals, an epic birthday celebration and dozens of new friendships, Emma returned home victoriously, once again in remission. Her story highlights what Brent’s Place is able to do for so many families and underscores the difference you are making for so many people that you will not meet.

We simply can’t thank you enough for allowing us to occupy your space, for participating in the event as a donor, rider, staff member and most importantly for making us feel like part of the Club Greenwood family.  We are humbled by it all and work every day to put the money you are giving to use for families like Emma’s.  We hope that you share our pride in the event and the work that we are able to do as a result.  We look forward to seeing you again next year!



Sean Meyerhoffer
CEO, Brent’s Place