How to Choose a Learn to Swim Program?

By Crystal Garland, Director of Aquatics


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Here are the top three benefits of joining SwimAmerica, our learn to swim, group lessons at Club Greenwood.  This skill-based program has been hailed as the most comprehensive learn-to-swim program ever created.  The American Swim Coaches Association developed this national program in 1988 with the unique perspective that only swim coaches can bring:  teaching a natural progression of strokes through drills emphasizing proper technique and efficiency.  In the SwimAmerica program, each station builds on the skills learned in the previous station emphasizing goal-driven, technique-oriented all while learning basic water safety and having fun in a small group setting.  Swimmers must learn to float before they swim.  Each child progresses differently and interaction can lessen their anxiety about the water, improve their social skills, and make the lessons more engaging.

girls smiling in pool

The first benefit:
The SwimAmerica Program emphasizes that each level is goal-driven.  There are well-defined skills that are important at every step and need to be successfully completed before moving on to the next level.  Each level serves to motivate the student to achieve beyond his own immediate expectations.  Starting with the most basic skill, from bobbing and becoming comfortable going underwater, swimmers advance through skill stations from “roll over and float” to advanced stroke mechanics.  We believe understanding blowing bubbles and proper air exchange will achieve the goals of excelling in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.


The second benefit:
The SwimAmerica Program believes teaching correct technique is important with every level.  We teach proper stroke mechanics from the beginning. Correcting errors is more difficult later in the developmental progression. The Program Director, Site Supervisors, and coaches emphasize correct swimming skills from the very first lesson and have been professionally trained to offer your child the latest in swimming technique.  Streamline, body-roll, and side breathing are just a few of the skills taught at SwimAmerica.


boy swimming in poolThe third benefit:
The SwimAmerica Program stresses being safe in the water.  Early on, children are taught to “roll over and float.” This is a necessary skill in case of a water emergency.  While students receive only the highest quality instruction, parents will need to always keep an eye on their swimmers to assure safety outside the lessons.  Our instructors at Club Greenwood install the sense of being safe in and around the water and integrates with every lesson.  We are excited to have your swimmer in the water with us, and to help them enjoy a lifetime of water fun! The Aquatics Department at Club Greenwood employs instructors with incredible knowledge to work with swimmers of any age or skill level. Club Greenwood is proud of the level of skill that our instructors possess and I’m sure that your goals will be met by choosing SwimAmerica, our learn to swim, group lessons at Club Greenwood.

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