Racquetball Night

Racquetball Night

Stop in for a fun night of racquetball to meet and play with Club Greenwood members and Racquetball Pro, Scott Walker.

Thursday, 6:00-7:15 pm
Third Thursday Every Month
Club Greenwood Racquetball Court

Minimum 1 | Maximum 6

Why play Racquetball?

  • Racquetball combines a unique mix of cardio, strength, competition and social connectivity.

  • Playing racquetball is a great way to add a fun, calorie-burning, workout to your exercise routine. Some club players have reported burning over 1000 calories in a 90-minute session.

  • Racquetball is uniquely suited to improving speed, hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes.

  • All that is needed to play is a racquet, racquetballs and eye protection.

For More Information

Scott Walker, Racquetball / Pickleball Professional

[email protected]

303.771.2588 x372

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