Pilates Suspension Method™

Pilates Suspension Method™
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The Pilates Suspension Method™ combines contemporary and traditional mat Pilates and equipment-based Pilates exercises on suspension apparatus.

Pilates Suspension Method™ is the perfect complement to your current fitness routine or a great way to start again. The focus is the use of your core and scapular stabilizers to control your body weight. Each exercise has a Pilates root.

Week of June 21-27

Monday | June 21
12:00pm with Kim

Tuesday | June 22
10:30am with April and 11:30am with Dawn

Wednesday | June 23
10:00am with Roya

Thursday | June 24
8:00am with Pam and 11:00am with Tyra

Sunday | June 27
10:00am with Lindsey

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Kim Myers

I love Pilates Suspension Method™ because there is accountability to properly engage, stabilize and use my body weight, which has effectively increased my muscle mass, according to my InBody results.

rebecca doing pilates suspension method

Club Greenwood Pilates Instructors have been Teacher Trained by the creator of PSM™, Rebecca Beckler

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Kim Myers, Pilates Coordinator


303.770.2582 x375

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