Court Reservation Instructions

Court Reservation Instructions

Learn to make court reservations in the Member Portal and App or
Book Your Court Here

To begin making a reservation, please be sure you are logged into the Member App or the
Club Greenwood Member Desktop Portal

Click here for instructions on
How to Login to the Member Portal or App for the first time


Tennis Booking Rules

The following rules will help provide you with guidance in booking your court reservation.

  • Members may reserve courts online up to six days in advance beginning at 8:00am
  • Open court time reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis
  • Members may reserve 60- or 90-minute sessions online
  • 30-minute reservations may be arranged by calling the front desk
  • Individual members may be involved in or arrange one advanced court reservation per day
  • Additional same-day reservations may be made upon completion of the first reserved court time provided space is available
  • A minimum of two names are required to make any open court time reservation
  • Courts that are not going to be used by a member must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance
  • Cancellation fees may be assessed for all late court cancellations and no-shows. Fees are charged to the primary reservation holder
  • A court is deemed as being a no-show 15 minutes past the reservation time. After 15 minutes, the Tennis Club may open the court to other members
  • Individual ball machine reservations are limited to 60 minutes, 90 minutes for 2 or more members


Step by Step Instructions here

NOTE: To reserve a court with a guest, call the Tennis reservation line at 303.771.2588

How to Book on the Club Greenwood App

  • Log in – instructions for logging in
  • Go to Reservations
  • Choose Tennis, Pickleball, Squash or Racquetball
  • Choose the date you want to play
  • Choose the time you want to play
  • Add a participant (member)
  • Click Advanced Options
    • For Tennis:
      Choose Indoor or Outdoor >
      Select a time range if needed > hit “Apply”
      Note: Only select Ball Machine if requesting
    • For Pickleball:
      Choose Specific Court
      > Select a time range
      > Hit apply
  • Click SEARCH and select desired time
  • Click RESERVE – You are now booked!
  • To CANCEL your reservation go to the HOME page and view the upcoming reservation. Then click CANCEL.

How to Book on the Club Greenwood Member Portal

  • Once you are logged in, Login Here
  • Go to RESERVE A COURT on the left sidebar
  • Choose Tennis, Pickleball, Squash or Racquetball for your Service
  • Choose your location
  • Add a participant name (Must be a Member)
  • Choose a date to play
  • Choose 60- or 90 Minute play
  • Search for available times within a time range (adjust the times)
  • Choose a time slot
  • Click Make Reservation
  • To cancel your Reservation – click reservation and click Cancel

How to Book a Court on the Member Portal