Parent Project: Creating a Home Workspace

By Christine Morris, Membership Advisor

1. Consider what your needs are

At the beginning of this whole thing we had EVERYONE at the dining room table and quickly learned that that wasn’t going to work. Our two oldest girls work best alone and need a quiet space, so they can be in their rooms or even outside if they’d like. Dominic needs more assistance so we have him at the dining room table where Zach and I can help with his assignments. I have a SMALL office space in the basement I can go to when my husband is available to help with him and I need to write emails or respond to phone calls.

2. Work with what you have

Do you have card tables that can be used as desks? Or even TV trays? Even the back of a baking sheet can be

used as a portable desk for little ones who need a change of scenery.

3. Simplify Everything

It doesn’t have to get complicated, the most important part is finding something that works for you and your family. It doesn’t have to be fancy right now, it just has to be functional and work for you.

4. Time blocking is KEY

in the mornings I’m able to be at the table to help Dominic while I check emails, then when Zach has finished with his HS students we can swap spots and I can get more pressing matters taken care of downstairs. The only way this works is by blocking out certain times of the day to both get our work done and make sure our kids are getting their assignments done.

Remember that this is a very weird time for everyone. Find what works for you and do it, it might not be the same every day, but that’s ok. Give yourself grace!

Christine Morris membership advisorChristine Morris

Membership Advisor

As a fourth generation Colorado native, Christine grew up in Boulder enjoying all indoor and outdoor activities. From an early age Christine has had a passion for sports and fitness including swimming, volleyball, kickboxing, yoga and 22 years of dance. Her passion for helping others find their joy for fitness and health, makes her role as Membership Advisor a perfect fit. Christine discovered Barre in 2010 and was an integral part of The Barre at Greenwood. In her free time Christine enjoys time with her husband and their three children, traveling and continuing to craft her skills as a natural light photographer.

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