Balance / Stability / Flexibility Classes

Balance, Flexibility and Stability Group Fitness Classes

Every workout regime should include elements of balance, flexibility, or stability. The following classes help to strengthen and lengthen muscles which help to repair them from any other repetitive movements you do whether you are running or working at a desk.

Align and Flow

An energizing style of Vinyasa yoga consisting of creative and intelligent sequences, postures are linked together by sun salutations with fast-paced transitions. A focus is on connecting the breath to movement, as well as safe alignment to maximize the benefits of each asana and reduce susceptibility to injury. 

Candlelight Flow

This gentle and slower paced Vinyasa class is intended to relax yet invigorate the body and mind in a cozy and comfortable space. Class includes modified transitions with a focus on mindful breathwork and movement. 


This dynamic 60-minute group fitness offering is the ultimate core integrated strength training workout.  The Halo Trainer and a Fitball are pivotal in ensuring proper body alignment while improving joint stability and proprioceptive awareness. Prepare to be uniquely challenged and invigorated!


This classic form of yoga is a slower paced class with a focus on long holds in the asanas to cultivate mindfulness, increase flexibility and balance, and build both mental and physical stamina. 

Power Flow

A vigorous and dynamic style of Vinyasa yoga that includes challenging sequences with advanced transitions and asanas such as arm balances, twists, inversions and backbends. This class will build strength and endurance while increasing flexibility and mindfulness. 

Restorative Yoga

This nourishing class is intended to heal and reset the mind and body with a series of only a handful of passive, gentle poses. Students will use props including blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps to support the body in the asanas to provide a safe and supportive environment to allow for the mind and body to surrender. 

Thermal Yoga®

This class is the traditional sequence of 26 asanas and pranayama, practiced in a heated room at the classic 105 degrees and 55% humidity. Heated classes are intended to promote flexibility, as well as cleanse, detox and refresh through intense sweat and focus. 

Thermal Power Fusion

This class fuses the challenging asanas of the Thermal series with the asanas and flow style of a Vinyasa sequence. 


Yin yoga focuses more on the connective tissues than the muscles. This 75-minute class consists of deep holds to increase flexibility and circulation and renew the body’s flow of energy along the meridians, promoting deep relaxation and recovery.


This 75-minute class begins with Yin yoga, a series of passive, longer-held postures to nourish the connective tissues within the body and prepare the body and mind for stillness. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice often referred to as yogic sleep. Students enter a state between sleep and wakefulness, intended to offer deep rest.

Guided Meditation

This 15-minute class will help you connect with your breath, release tension, focus your attention and be more present as your instructor leads you through a guided meditation practice. 

Yoga Basics

A therapeutic approach to Hatha yoga, this class emphasizes joint mobility and stability movements to support whole body strength and proper alignment. Basic postures, breath work (pranayama) and meditation techniques will be introduced. 

Pilates Mat

Strengthen and realign through a series of functional movements for the entire body.

Stretch & Roll

A 20 minute guided myofascial release using foam rollers for the purpose of massaging away soreness in trigger points and preparing the body for deeper stretching.


A 75-minute hybrid class consisting of an intense 60-minute Power Flow sequence finished with 15 minutes of gentle and restorative postures. 

Beginner Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a series of slow, gentle standing postures, or forms. Each form flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Tai Chi is sometimes described as moving meditation, as it promotes peace and calm through movement and breathwork, connecting the mind and body.

Intermediate Tai Chi

In this intermediate class students will build upon the basics from the beginner class and the primary focus will become reviewing the Tai Chi 28 forms.