Four Reasons to Get Started With Adult TENNIS Lessons TODAY

There’s no sport quite like tennis–and there’s no tennis like Club Greenwood tennis! Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a regular Roger Federer, tennis offers players of all ages and skill levels a chance to get a fantastic workout and have a blast while doing so! 

Whether you’re looking to shake off the quarantine blues or double-down on your slice serve, there’s plenty of reasons to commit to the sport! To that end, let’s look at four excellent reasons to pursue adult tennis lessons, along with some of the reasons why Club Greenwood is the perfect place to play! 

Tennis Is Easy to Pick Up, and There’s Plenty to Master.

If you’ve never played tennis before, it can be easy to underestimate all of the different skills that the game requires. While professional players might make the game seem like a nonstop sequence of effortless rallies, it’s a game that engages almost every part of your body while requiring you to generate constant momentum. 

Don’t let that scare you off, however, as tennis is incredibly easy to pick up! Even if you’ve never played tennis before, you can easily walk away from your first adult tennis lesson at Club Greenwood with a complete understanding of the game’s rules and mechanics. By the end of your second or third lesson, you’ll be ready to rally with the best! 

Mastering tennis means working on your footwork, speed, positioning, reflexes, and swing posture. While that might sound like a lot, the flexible nature of tennis means that you’ve got plenty of room to focus on the areas that will give you the best athletic benefit for the current stage of your fitness journey. 

Your Age–and Athletic Ability–Aren’t Barriers to Playing.

Tennis is a sport for all ages, and we mean ALL ages. As soon as you’re old enough to hold a racket, you can immediately start experiencing all of the unique athleticism that tennis has to offer. 

We mentioned above that there’s plenty of different areas to master in the game of tennis, and this translates to a sport that’s intuitive to keep playing well past your 70th birthday. As this sport pulls from so many different ranges of motion or skills, you can easily emphasize or de-emphasize movements to better match your body’s needs. If you’ve got a fussy back or want to take things slow, you can certainly make adjustments to your tennis game! 

The flexibility in tennis translates to a sport that’s easy to stick with for a lifetime. How many sports can say that? 

From Adult Tennis Leagues to Pick-up Games, There’s Plenty of Chances to Play.

Quick question: When was the last time you saw a pick-up game of full-contact football? What about water polo? Bobsledding?

While team sports are great, they can’t all be as effortless as basketball for spontaneously starting a game. However, once you start playing tennis, you’ll be lowkey overwhelmed by how many opportunities there are to play every week! All you need to get started is a racket, some balls, and an opponent–which can easily be a brick wall if you feel like it. 

At Club Greenwood alone, players can look forward to winter daytime clubs, Sunday afternoon leagues, evening leagues, annual club tournaments, guest tournaments, and plenty of sanctioned USTA tournaments. Those are just official events, too; our luxury courts have plenty of space for pick-up games and tennis groups as well! Simply put, if you’ve got a racket and access to our tennis courts, you’ll always be able to find a game. 

Let’s Be Honest: The Courts Are AWESOME!

If you’re committing to a sport, there’s no shame in enjoying ALL the perks, and that’s one area where tennis really shines. Anyone who’s ever played on Club Greenwood’s world-class tennis courts knows the difference that a good tennis court makes. Once you’ve found a good court, it can quickly become one of your favorite aspects of playing the game! 

A good tennis court is a right combination of stimulating and relaxing–a scenic venue that provides plenty of climate-controlled comforts while being relatively free from distractions so that you can enjoy playing the game. After all, what other sport can brag about having mood lighting? 

Club Greenwood’s courts, in particular, offer a uniquely luxurious way to enjoy tennis. Our tennis facilities are among the largest in the western United States, featuring seven indoor clay courts and five outdoor hard courts! Between our flexible reservation system and lack of court fees, you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to play, either!

Check out our tennis page for even more reasons to fall in love with tennis at Club Greenwood!