Make Your Workout a Splash With Our Water Fitness Classes

By Crystal Garland, Aquatics Director

The weather is getting colder outside but it is warm inside by our eight lane indoor pool. You’re invited to try one of our five complimentary water fitness classes. It is a great workout to get your heart rate up and burn calories at any age. Just like any workout, if you put forth the effort desired, you will feel better in and out of the water. One of our dedicated athletes, Marge Kercher, explains why she loves our water fitness classes, “This great workout doesn’t hurt my joints because of the soothing feeling of being in water. I enjoy the companionship of the regulars and the fun of meeting newbies. Each of the instructors has a different approach and that keeps the classes interesting in the beautiful, sparkling clean pool at Club Greenwood. It’s great in the summer with the fresh air blowing in and even better in the winter when we’re watching it snow outside!”

Top three reasons to join our water fitness classes at Club Greenwood:

The low impact advantage:

Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you’ll be strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular fitness. In water aerobics, the buoyancy of the water helps take off some of this impact. In layman’s terms, our body is not subject to gravity in the water, therefore the impact our joints take on when running in water is not equal to the impact when running on land. This is particularly appealing to those with joint conditions such as arthritis or those currently undergoing physical rehabilitation.woman taking an indoor water fitness classes at club greenwood

Variety of classes:

We offer two Aqua Fit classes in the shallow lanes with Crystal on Mondays and Marlene on Wednesdays. We also offer three Deep Water classes with Jeanette on Tuesday and Thursday, and Teresa on Fridays. Both shallow and deep-water classes offer many of the same benefits as land-based exercise, including toning muscle, improving posture and balance, increasing flexibility and burning calories.

Plenty of Cardio:

Regardless of your fitness level, you can get a great workout in the water. Your instructor will offer plenty of modifications to increase or decrease the difficulty of the moves and you’re always free to go at your own pace. The combination of strength and cardio workouts mixed with water resistance in aquatic exercise ensures the body is getting a full body workout.

Water Fitness workouts are sure to make a splash in your workout routine. What are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit, mix up your routine and join us in the pool. Monday-Friday, 9:00-10:00am.

Crystal Garland aquatics managerCrystal Garland

Crystal has been at Club Greenwood since 2006 and currently teaches lessons, water fitness and is and USA Certified Coach. Crystal is certified in the SwimAmerica program and is best known for improving young and adult people’s stroke’s and making them feel comfortable in the water. Crystal competed locally in Age group club swimming, College swimming at Iowa State University and still loves to compete with Masters swimming at Club Greenwood. Swimming is clearly a family affair as husband, Bob, and all three of her sons also swim!

Contact Crystal: [email protected]


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