Mini Piñata Craft

Craft by Eloisa Casal, Kids’ Club Attendant

Materials: Toilet paper roll, glue, scissors, yarn, candy, streamers or other form of decorations

Step 1: Mark with a pencil on the toilet paper roll where you will make little cuts to



Step 2: Cut slits on each end of the toilet paper roll


Step 3: Fold slits towards center of toilet paper roll


Step 4: Tape top of toilet paper roll down, create loop with yarn and tape the yarn loop down



Step 5: Put candy in other side of the toilet paper roll


Step 6: Fold other slits towards center of toilet paper roll and tape down, with yarn hanging from the bottom so that kids can pull on it to open



Step 7: Decorate pinata


Have fun!

Eloisa Casal Kids' Club AttendantEloisa Casal

Kids’ Club Attendant

Eloisa was born and raised in Venezuela where she was an art teacher for 15 years. She moved to Colorado to be with her mom and got a job at Club Greenwood in 2015. She enjoys doing arts and crafts with our Kids’ Club kids, designing piñatas for our birthday parties and working with her mom, Marisa.



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