Personal Training Written Workouts

Personal Training Written Workouts

Workout with Club Greenwood trainers from home. Challenge yourself by picking a new workout to do every day. Don’t miss a beat with your fitness goals.

Workout Guides

Open the PDFs and download workouts directly to your device for easy to access workouts where ever you are.


Mini Band Workout
What you need: Chair/Bench. If you have any of these items these can help boost intensity: TRX, Dumbbells, Medicine Ball, Exercise Tube or Band.
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Full Body Muscle Chaos
Leave no muscle group behind in this challenging and empowering workout by Kim


Neighborhood Running Ladder
39 minutes for endurance building!


Total Body Workout
55-minute total body workout to gain strength, muscle conditioning a and cardio, as well as balance and coordination.


Zombie Apocalypse Workout
Equipment needed: car, sledgehammer, tire, chain link fence, workout partner and ZOMBIES!

Resistance Band Workout
Looking for an appropriate total body workout for 60+? Here you go!

Mini Band Workout
Use this resistance band workout to improve mobility, stability, and strength. Band recommendations included.

Balance Training with Karen Zareck

Karen Zareck club greenwood personal trainer

Balance training can be put into your workouts each time you train. It is an effective way to increase strength and stability.

This one-legged routine is a good place to start. The balance on one leg and aiming with your heel, kick out in the direction indicated. It doesn’t need to be a big kick! Just enough to challenge your balance:

  • One leg front kick
  • One leg back kick
  • One leg sidekick

Finish these three exercises on one leg then on the other.

Be sure to watch your form:
Engage your core – tighten up those tummy muscles!
Keep your upper body over your hips. Be sure you don’t sway or lean.
Begin with the weaker leg. Which leg do you find it harder to balance on?
If you need support use the wall or a chair Touch it only with your fingertips!

As you become more stable you can add the following to your routine

  • One leg circle – make a circle with your lifted leg
  • One leg parallel lift – try to raise your leg to parallel to the ground
  • One leg back lunge – step back into a lunge.

Do this sequence for three or four weeks before you add an unstable prop such as a balance pod or pillow.

Equipment Free Workout with Kelly Buresh

Target your legs and abs in the no-equipment workout.

Warm-Up: 20 walking lunges

Set One

  • Single leg stand-ups: 10 each leg
    Start seated on a chair, lift one leg off ground or put only heel on ground. Stand up using only the leg not lifted.
  • Ice skaters: 20-30 reps, try to balance and not set down back leg
  • Wide leg plié squats: 15 reps
    whatever variation works for you, body weight, with a ball against the wall, or add weights

Set Two

  • Lateral plank walks: 10 each side
    Start in a high plant position walking your hands 10 to left/right and then 10 back.
  • Bear crawls: 10 forward and 10 back
  • Book offset pushups: 8-10 reps both sides
    one hand on book or yoga block and do a push-up for 8-10 reps then switch sides

Set Three

  • Reverse crunch: 15 reps
    Lay on your back with feet towards the ceiling, lift tailbone from floor in a controlled manner, visualizing your heels tapping the ceiling
  • Abdominal Scissors: 15 per side
    Lay on your back with both legs towards ceiling, lower one leg to the lowest point where your abs stay engaged, and as you lift that leg, lower the other leg simultaneously
  • Plank with obliques: 15 per side
    Raise knee to same side elbow

Little Home Gym Workout with Kelly Buresh

Do you have a little bit of equipment at home? This workout requires just a set of dumbbells!
Repeat each set 3-4x

Set One

  • Single leg deadlift: 10-15 each
    Weighted if you have weights
  • Tricep push-up: 10-15 reps
  • Split leg squat jumps: 10-15 reps

Set Two

  • Single leg step up: 15 each leg
    use park bench, built-in deck seating, etc
  • Front shoulder raises: 15 reps
    Light weights
  • Forearm plank: 8 each side
    Lift one arm to shoulder height and switch

Set Three

  • Star jumps: 15 reps
  • Plank jack with 4 mountain climbers: 10 reps

Around the House Workout with Stu Kershner

Stu Kershner personal trainer and physical therapist

Who knew your house could be so useful as a gym? Use stairs, a chair, a table – anything with an edge to help complete this workout.

Complete 2-4 Circuits of each group.

Circuit One

  • Bench push up  x 15
  • Walking lunges (or stationary lunges) 20 steps alternating sides
  • Bent over row (or band row) x 15

Circuit Two

  • Dumbbell single-arm bicep curl to overhead press x 12 each side, alternating arms
  • Step up x 12 each leg (use bottom step of staircase). Hold a weight to make it more difficult
  • Abdominal crunch x 20

Circuit Three

  • Squat (with weight held at chest to increase difficulty) x 15
  • Lateral lunge  x 15 each leg
  • Tricep dips on a chair x 15​

Circuit Four

  • Single leg deadlift x 15 each leg
  • Bridge (do on single leg to increase difficulty) x 20 (10 each leg)
  • Push up position single knee to chest x 10 each knee

Body Weight Workout with Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller club greenwood personal trainer

Do all the exercises as a circuit, starting with exercise 1, rest for 30 sec, then move to the next exercise.

Complete circuit 1 to 3 times, completing 8 to 15 Repetitions per exercise.

Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Omit any exercise you cannot perform correctly.

1. Squats

Tempo: 3-2-1 count

  • Slowly lower for 3 sec
  • Pause at bottom for 2 sec
  • Return to start for 1 sec

2. Push Up

Regular or modified (on knees)


  • Single leg Romanian deadlift
    (the dipping bird)

4. Glute Bridge

Tempo: 3-2-3 count

  • Raise up slowly for 3 sec
  • Pause at top for 2 sec
  • Slowly lower for 3 sec

5. Planks: Hold for 30 sec each

  • Front (forearms)
  • Side (lateral-left/right)

6. Single Foot Hops

  • Hop over a line side to side
  • Do both feet (left then right)
  • Land softly

7. Lunges (alternate legs)

  • forward
  • lateral (side to side)
  • reverse

8. Standing Calf Raise

  • Raise up on toes off of step

4 x 20 Workout with Jenny Stevens

20 reps per exercise and four rounds of the circuit. Great workout to sneak in while listening to a Podcast!

Jenny Stevens club greenwood personal trainer and Tribe team training coach

Complete Four Rounds of:

Dumbbell chest press x 20
Dumbbell Tricep kickbacks x 20
Push-ups x 20
Dumbbell Squats x 20
Dumbbell Deadlifts x 20
Dumbbell Alternating Bent Over Rows x 20
Squat Jumps x 20
Plank x 30-60 seconds

Four by Blowout! with Brian Sims

Brian Sims club greenwood personal trainer

Complete each set of exercises 4 times then rest 30 seconds to 1 minute before moving on to the next set.

Warm-up – a few sets of stairs, brisk walk or jog around the block. Go outside!

Set 1:
Squat press 4 sets x 15 reps
Plank 4 sets x 1 minute

Set 2:
Bent over row 4sets x 15 reps
Ab crunches 4 sets x 20 reps

Set 3:
Push-ups 4 sets x 15 reps
Walking lunge 4 sets x 24 steps

Set 4:
Bicep curls 4 sets x 15r eps
Triceps kickbacks 4 sets x 15 reps