Advanced Beginner Tennis

Level II Advanced Beginner Tennis

This program is for those who have completed LEVEL I and/or who have played before and need a refresher course. We will increase your understanding of topspin, basic doubles strategy and introduce serve rituals and directional control.  Club Greenwood takes a professional approach to adult tennis lessons to help you meet your full potential on the courts. Advanced beginner adult tennis lessons at Club Greenwood not only help improve your tennis skills but also help you to further develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sport. Let Club Greenwood’s experienced tennis coaches and tennis professionals improve your tennis abilities and prepare you for the next level of expertise.

Adult Beginner Level I and II Programs at Club Greenwood are for members and non-members. Don’t have a racquet? We have plenty of demo racquets you may use throughout the program.

Indoor Tennis Courts

June 11
July 16
August 13

2 hours for $50/date
Open to all! Guests welcome.
Limited space available


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Alex Dove, Director of Racquet Sports

[email protected]

303.771.2588 x394

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