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Reservation Instructions

How to enroll and unenroll

Reservations are now required for all activities and can be made on the Club Greenwood App and on the Member Portal. To create your Club Greenwood Member Account or to log into the App please review the instructions here below.

How to Enroll and Unenroll on the Club Greenwood App

 1. Go to CLASSES

2. Go to the MAGNIFYING GLASS at the top right

app with classes

3. Search under CATAGORIES for the activity you are interested in, Aquatics for Pools, Group Fitness, Facilities for Gym/Basketball/Cardio. Then click Done on an iPhone.

4. Click SHOW CLASSESsearching for class

5. Select a DATE. You can scroll to the date of your choice.

6. Check to see if the class or lane is available.
Select the desired option.finding an open class or lane

7. SIGN UP at the bottom of the page.

To UNENROLL, go to the same class you reserved and click unregister at the bottom

enroll and unenroll

Booking Reservations on the Member Portal

How to Enroll and Unenroll

  • Log into Member Portal
  • On the left-hand side click Group Fitness
  • Go to the All Events drop-down menu and select the Category for the activity in which you are interested
  • Click Search classes
  • Once you’ve found the class/reservation you like, click Learn More
  • Select a date and time and click Sign Up
  • Select the individual(s) who you would like to sign up and click Register
  • Once complete, you can click Home to return to the home screen of the portal
  • On the right-hand side of the Home screen, the reservation is listed under My Events. The drop-down menu defaults to the Next 7 days. If your reservation if farther out, click the drop-down to select Next 14 days

You may also Unregister for your class/reservation by clicking the Unregister link of your registration listed under My Events

Kids' Club and YAC Reservations

  • Log into Member Portal
  • On the left hand side go to Childcare Reservations
  • Next to “who?” Check child’s name that you want to make the reservation for
  • Under “any room” drop menu pick Kids Club or YAC
  • Pick the date you would like to reserve for (you can reserve for up to a week advance)
  • Pick duration of time you would like to make reservation for
  • Pick time
  • Click confirm