Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Have you ever thought the following when hearing about chair yoga?

Chair yoga is for seniors. Chair yoga is too easy. Chair yoga will be boring.  We have news for you! Chair yoga can be as hard as you want to make it and can be as challenging as a traditional yoga class! Chair Yoga encourages correct alignment, stability and experimentation. Not only does it prevent overuse injuries, it also personalizes your yoga practice with comfort, stability and sustainability in mind. Find more awareness in your balance, agility, gait and flexibility!

March 6-March 27
4-Week Series

Instructed by Arleen Law
Studio 2
$40 Members | $80 Guests
Min 6 / Max 20


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Emma Long, Group Fitness Manager / Group Fitness, Barre and Yoga Instructor

[email protected]

303.770.2582 x397

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