Fitness Education Series

Fitness Education Series

This complimentary monthly educational series will help with injury prevention, posture and all things fitness related!

Saturdays, 10:30-11:15am
Business Office Conference Room

Free to all members
Min 2 / Max 15



December 4
Proper Work Station Set-Up
Learn how to properly set up your desk and other workstations to decrease aches and pains. Also, learn tips to address issues that can develop from a poor workstation set-up.

January 15
Are you a chest or belly breather? Learn how to breathe properly and exercise to address proper breathing.

February 12
Proper Body Mechanics
Do you know how to properly pick-up something off the floor? Load the dishwasher? Get into/out of the car? Learn proper body mechanics for everyday tasks to decrease risk of injury.

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Jenna Scanlan, Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist

303.770.2582 x298

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