Fitness Education Series

Fitness Education Series

This complimentary monthly educational series will help with injury prevention, posture and all things fitness related!

Saturdays, 10:30-11:15am
Business Office Conference Room

Free to all members
Min 2 / Max 15



March 26
Strong Shoulders
What shoulder exercises are currently a part of your workout routine? Are you always doing the same four? Learn new exercises for your rotator cuff muscles, the back part of your shoulder and more.

April 30
Straight to the Core
What components make-up the core? Learn the importance of the core muscles, various core exercises and how core function is vital to everyday tasks.

May 21
What exercises are beneficial to supplement your running? New and experienced runners will learn proper running techniques and various exercises/tips to improve speed, strength and endurance.

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Jenna Scanlan, Personal Trainer / Physical Therapist

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