Hips and Hamstrings Workshop

Hips and Hamstrings Workshop with Tonya

Do you struggle with tight and/or weak hips and hamstrings? If you’re a skier, runner, cyclist, tennis enthusiast or someone who was simply born with the inability to touch their toes, then this workshop will give you more freedom to increase mobility and flexibility in those stubborn areas of your body.

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Join Tonya in a 90-minute flow and stretch sequence aimed at:

Decreasing Risk of Injury

When these areas of our body are open, it decreases strain on other areas, especially the back and knees. Significant for athletes.

Decreasing Aches and Pains

A common source of lower back pain is tight hamstrings. If you are consistent with your practice, you will notice that your aches and pains gradually disappear.

Improving Posture

Spending most of our day sitting can lead to tight joints and muscles and contribute to poor posture. Yoga works wonders for improving both flexibility and the strength of your postural muscles, allowing you to sit and stand taller.

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