Tall Tales Ranch Fundraiser

Tall Tales Ranch Fundraiser and Pro Tour Event

Each Pro will be playing games around a certain aspect of the game. You’ll rotate after 15 minutes to another Pro, thus YOU get the Pro Tour! For example, Theo will be working on serves, Rhona on volleys, Suzette on overheads or Peggy on backhand groundstrokes. The last half hour we will play a huge Bump–Up Bump–Down game.

Cost to participate is a donation to Tall Tales Ranch.

Friday, 10:00-11:30am
December 13

Tall Tales Ranch will be an integrated community where people both with and without disabilities can live, work, thrive and experience a true sense of community. The ranch will be built in Lone Tree near I-25.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to support this unique place where families can create a culture for those seeking a happily-ever-after tale.


At the Tennis Desk or with Suzette: SuzetteR@ClubGreenwood.com

Your donation can be taken when you sign up or when you arrive on Friday, December 13. Please make checks out to Tall Tales Ranch


Tall Tales Mission

Tall Tales Ranch is dedicated to providing a life sharing community where both people with and without disabilities can live in a supportive, cooperative environment that honors their individuality, celebrates their uniqueness and helps them to reach their full potential.