Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

January 7-May 15, 2022

Do you want to learn how to teach intelligent, safe, effective alignment vinyasa yoga? Or raise your yoga practice to the next level?

Club Greenwood is a registered yoga school, offering a unique opportunity for students of all levels and abilities to experience the transformation of yoga through its 200 hour, alignment vinyasa yoga teacher training. This program is designed and led by a team of passionate, highly qualified instructors who strive to empower each participant to meet their individual goals.

Jade Studio, Studio 2


During this training, students will immerse deeply in:

  • The history and philosophy of yoga
  • 30 hours of anatomy and physiology of the human body and how it works in yoga
  • Specific areas include, planes of movement, general terminology, skeletal system and joints, breathing practices, Svadhyaya of your breath, breathing basics: respiration 101, spine and inner core stability (muscles of the torso), autonomic nervous system (fascial release and restorative poses), muscles of the pelvis, legs, feet, muscles of the arms, shoulders and neck
  • A deeper understanding of subtle body energy, chakras, doshas, and pranayama
  • The techniques and elements of how to teach yoga via cueing, sequencing, theming
  • How to sit with confidence in the seat of the teacher
  • Learning safe hands on assists
  • Other styles and forms of yoga including Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra with special guest lecturers
  • The business of yoga

Gyan mudra hand pose


Course Schedule
January 7- May 15, 2022

Days and Times
Fridays 1:30-6:30pm
Saturdays 12:00-8:00pm
Sundays 8:00am-4:00pm

Week 1: January 7, 8, 9
Week 2: January 21, 22, 23
Week 3: February 4, 5, 6
Week 4: February 25, 26, 27
Week 5: March 11, 12, 13
Week 6: April 1, 2, 3
Week 7: April 29, 30, May 1
Week 8: May 13, 14, 15

Define your purpose. Unlock your passion. Discover your potential.

Yoga Teacher Training Highlights

  • Yoga philosophy -history, yoga sutras, dharma and bridging to modern-day practices
  • In-depth breakdown of yoga asanas using the Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson. Techniques and applications
  • Physical body – 30 hours of yoga anatomy taking an in depth look at yoga postures, movement, range of motion, modifications and variations
  • Subtle body – qualities of the subtle body, study of chakras, koshas and moving energy
  • Breath techniques – Practice and study of pranayama
  • Meditation practice – mindfulness, loving-kindness and journaling exercises
  • Class theming – learning to teach from a space of authenticity, enlightenment, wisdom, creativity and story telling
  • Hands-on assists – develop a deeper connection with your students
  • Sequencing – purposeful, creative, intelligent and safe
  • Practice teaching – gain confidence through inner and outer voice, learn to speak with inflection, volume, tone, and more
  • Business of yoga – how to create community and build a business in the space of new normal; create a yoga resume, bio and plan for post YTT
  • Specialty topics: experience other styles of yoga including Yin, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga

Applied Workshop


Registration fee is non refundable.

Early Bird Member
$500 Deposit | Due at Registration
$2,700 Balance | Due 11/29/2021 (extended)
$3,200 Total Investment

Early Bird Guest
$500 Deposit | Due at Registration
$2,950 Balance | Due 11/19/2021
$3,450 Total Investment

Standard Member
$500 Deposit | Due at Registration
$3,000 Balance | Due 12/31/2021
$3,500 Total Investment

Standard Guest
$500 Deposit | Due at Registration
$3,250 Balance | Due 12/31/2021
$3,750 Total Investment

Graduate Testimonials

Holli B.

“The teaching staff at Club Greenwood is fantastic - they are all highly experienced with vastly different backgrounds, making each one a unique contributing member to the entire learning experience. Not only were they professionally knowledgeable, but they cared about the process and how each one of us learned in a unique way. They were encouraging when we struggled and pushed us when we resisted. There is no way I would have finished with such a positive attitude without their nurturing enthusiasm. The entire program was top notch and I highly recommend!”


Greenwood YTT was an incredible place to complete my teacher training. The instructors made the experience so special and personalized to the individual. I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone looking to complete their certification in Denver.


What a challenge YTT was for someone my age, but the education was invaluable. It took my personal practice to a deeper level while giving me a greater appreciation for my teachers. I highly recommend YTT if only to widen your knowledge and meet some wonderful people.

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Malissa Schwamm, Yoga Instructor

303.770.2582 x324

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