Workouts with Jenny Stevens

Workouts with Jenny Stevens

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Outdoor Circuit Workout

30-minute circuit training style workout with a combination of stations of cardio and body-weight exercises. Band exercises can be modified lighter or heavier in resistance by various band strengths. The intensity of the workout can also be modified by the distance of the cones/markers. Repeat Workout for 30 minutes.

Equipment: TheraBands and cones/markers

Med Ball Outdoor Workout

HIIT style 20-30 minute med-ball workout designed to get your heart rate up and get in a short and sweaty workout.

10 Best Stretches

This 10-minute stretch routine is great for everyone and will help improve your flexibility and range of motion. Mat and a towel. 15-20 minutes.

Band and Bodyweight Burn

This workout combines both resistance bands and bodyweight exercises for a full-body workout. This can be done by all levels and adjusted to each individual’s abilities.
Duration 30-40 minutes

Workout-(3-4 rounds with 1 min rest between rounds)
Squat and Press x 15
Bicep Curl x 15
Squats or Squat Jumps x 20
Rows x 15
Chest Press x 15
Shoulder Tap Push-Ups or Modified Push-Ups x 10-20
Tricep Kickbacks x 15
Dips x 10-20
Band Walks x 15 each direction
Skater Hops x 20-30
Oblique Rotation Twists x 15 each direction or 30 total

Fast Full Body Burn

Try this 30-minute full-body workout with a great combination of strength and HIIT exercises!

Dumbbell Workout

Check out this quick 20-minute Dumbbell Full Body workout.

TribeLIFE @ Home Sessions with Jenny

Start the mini-season by focusing on dynamic stability, movement control and endurance.

Session One

Session Two