Personal Training Workout Videos

Personal Training Workout Videos

Club Greenwood Personal Trainers are working hard to make sure you continue to have everything you need to reach your goals. With these guided workouts crafted for your home and backyard, there’s nothing standing in your way.

Brandon Smith

Workout Dice Game

This is a family game you can play indoors or outside at a park to get your workout in.

Workout PDF and Instruction

Upper Body Workout

This workout will challenge you mentally and push you past your comfort zone as it increases your upper body strength, core and endurance. Perform each exercise with the required reps then move on to the next exercise. When done you will have completed 4 sets of all the exercises.

Workout PDF

Boot Camp with Brandon

Doing this workout will help you increase your aerobic endurance. While helping you build your lower body muscular strength.

Exercises: Do exercises 1-7 right after the next and repeat for a total of 4x

  1. Single leg squats to bench 10x per leg
  2. Squat Jumps (butt touches bench) 10x per leg
  3. Single leg step up on bench 10x per leg
  4. 30-second Sprint
  5. Push-ups (optional feet on bench) 10x
  6. Bench Jumps or Long jumps 10x
  7. 30-second Sprint

Total Body Workout

Perform the first set of exercises 3 x in a row then move to the second group of exercises! This workout should take about 45-50 min

Workout 1
60 seconds of Bodyweight squats
30 seconds push-ups
60 seconds lunging in place
30 seconds push-ups
60 seconds wall sit
30 seconds Russian twist

Workout 2
60 seconds body plank
30 seconds triceps dips off couch or stairs
60 seconds burpees with push up
30 seconds Russian twist
60 seconds Lateral lunges

Bicep and Tricep Workout

Perform 10 reps of each exercise and finishing the first set of exercises repeat it and do 9 reps of everything then 8reps going all the way to 1 rep of each exercise.

Time: 30-35min

1. Tricep rope extensions
2. Dumbbell curls
3. Tricep kickbacks
4.Dum bell hammer curls
5. Tricep skull crushers
6. Bicep curls using rope
7. Tricep dips off bench
8. Straight bar bicep curls
9. Close grip push up using Dum Bells

Level: Beginner-Advanced Core workout circuit

40-seconds on / 20-second rest
Time: 10-30 minutes
1. Plank
2. Sit-ups
3. Russian Twist
4. leg lifts
5. V-Ups
6. Left side plank
7. Right side plank
8. 40-second crunches
9. Sit up to twist (left elbow to right knee)
10.Sit up to twist (right elbow to left knee)
(Start over)

Stair workout

Advanced: 4x 40 sec on/ 20 sec recover | Moderate: 4x 30 sec on / 15 sec recover
Time: 30-40 minutes

Exercises :
1.Run stairs
2.Mountain Climbers
3.Stairs hops
4.Plyo Push-ups
5.Side plank
6.Squat Jumps
7.Tricep dips
8.Step Back Lunges

Mini-band and Band Workout

David offers some unique ways to use a mini-band, band, and monster band for a dynamic workout challenge.

Download PDF

Stretch Session

This is a great stretch session to do before or after a workout focusing on shoulders, hips and thoracic mobility.

Kelly Buresh

Upper Body Stability Workout

This workout is upper body/core-focused and challenges stabilizing muscle groups in 30-minutes. Grab a pair of light to moderate weights and give it a try! Appropriate for any fitness level.

Workout PDF

Leg Endurance Day

Build lower body endurance with a set of dumbbells or your body weight. This 30-minute workout is appropriate for any fitness level and for anyone wanting to build leg strength. If you have knee or hip issues, please reach out to Kelly for modifications.

Workout PDF

Dumbbell Single Side Burn Out

This is a whole-body workout done working your whole right side followed by your left. Complete the workout with bodyweight or dumbbells.

Cardio Tabata

10 Bodyweight exercises designed to raise your heart rate. Great for a warm-up OR repeat 3-4 times as a workout on it own!

Kristin Burgess

The Perfect Plank

There are two ways to perform a plank: you can either come into plank position and hold it, or you can come into plank position and really optimize the strength of every muscle in the body.

Cardio Total Body Workout

This 30-45 minute total body workout is great for beginners to advanced athletes. I recommend you do it outdoors but it can also be done indoors. You will gain cardiovascular endurance and strength using your bodyweight.

Glute Workout

This 30-45 minute workout will help to activate and strengthen your glute and hip muscles. It is good for anyone looking to decrease lower back pain, increase glute strength and for any athlete looking to prevent injury. It can be done outdoors or indoors.

Make Your Own Dumbbell

If you want a fun project and want to make your own dumbbell for under 15 dollars.

Supplies needed:
PVC pipe 1” x 16”
Two 2.5qt buckets

The Perfect Posture Workout

Improve your posture with this moves from Brian Sims.

Stuart Kershner

Back Mobility Exercises

Feeling a little tight? Try these exercises to loosen your back!

Broomstick Stretches

Full body stretching routine using a broomstick!
Takes 3-5 minutes
All Levels
Only equipment is a broomstick – or other sturdy straight stick/pole (think ski pole, hiking pole, 1 inch PVC pipe, etc)
Great warm-up to loosen shoulders and hips.

Dynamic Warm-Up | Lower Body

This is a lower-body warm-up sequence/routine that I have used for a long time and is very efficient. Takes 3-5 minutes, no equipment required, and is a great warm-up for all ability levels prior to any exercise. It can be done stationary or moving/walking.

Exercise List

1. Knee To Chest
2. Toy Soldier
3. Knee Across Body
4. Quad Stretch
5. Long Lunge