A Message from Carol Gibbs, Cycling Instructor 

By Carol Gibbs, Cycling Instructor

I was one of the last people out of the upstairs cardio area Monday, March 16.  As I carefully closed the indoor cycle studio, I reflectively paused at the unusually empty upstairs cardio room. Exchanging goodbyes with the people at INK, I said with certainty, “See you April 1st!” I walked through the front doors, taking my first steps into what would become our new, uncertain world of the event we call Covid-19.

There is a saying: Nothing is for certain, but uncertainty. Maybe, however I can identify some certainties.  I am certain the members of Club Greenwood are good people who not only look after their health, but the health of others around them. By remaining “Greenwood Strong” over these past two months you have made a difference in our community, certainly to me. Thank you! Your commitment and the effort of the leadership and ownership has allowed Club Greenwood to maintain its staff during closure. I thank you for this certainty, as I am sure others do. I receive it with gratitude. I will pass it on.

I am excited to return to teaching my class and hope some of the new names I have seen on the member-only Facebook page will join us! Although I take this virus very seriously, I am certain that the leadership team is putting every precaution into place to help us stay healthy. Last Wednesday, over 150 staff members sat in on a townhall style zoom meeting outlining safety protocol. I am amazed at the efforts the club is making to sanitize, physically distance and educate. I am certain no other club in the area is equaling this effort to care for its members and staff. I can’t wait to get back into that spin room and “Spin, Drink, CELEBRATE” with you!

Carol Gibbs cycle and Group Fitness InstructorCarol Gibbs

Cycling Instructor

Before settling into her indoor cycling passion, Carol coached almost every form of group exercise and used her marketing and advertising degree to brand, elevate and guide members and staff of a new fitness center to a thriving business in New Jersey. Along with her Indoor Cycle Certifications, she has a NASM Personal Training Certification with specialties in Behavior Change, Performance Enhancement and Fitness Nutrition. Carol loves connecting: by hiking and camping with her husband and four children, connecting with nature through outdoor running, and connecting the mind and body through all forms of exercise.