How we are Keeping Kids Safe, Healthy and Having Fun at Club Greenwood!

By Colleen Bernardis, Youth Programs Coordinator

Hi Greenwood Parents! I know how crazy and stressful this entire year has been, between the pandemic, helping your kids with their remote learning, and trying to find balance with the new lifestyle we have all been given. This blog post will inform you of everything we are doing in the Youth Department at Club Greenwood to be sure we are keeping our youngest members safe, healthy and having fun. Please read along so you feel at ease when you drop them off into Kids’ Club or the Youth Activity Club (YAC) to give yourselves a break to work out, shower and clear your mind.

Making a Reservation

We are following guidelines per the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, including reducing our capacities to 10% in Kids’ Club and YAC. At this time, we can have up to six children in Kids’ Club and nine children in our Youth Activity Club. In order to drop your kiddo off and ensure you get a spot; we recommend you make a reservation via our member portal. These reservations can be made for up to two hours long and helps us to ensure we stay within our capacity.

Checking In

When you enter both Kids’ Club and YAC, we have hand sanitizer near the entrances for parents and children to use before and after their visit. We also take the temperature of all kids who come in and any child with a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed. We are monitoring all kids for runny noses, coughs or any other symptoms of being sick and will not allow them into our spaces. If a child starts to show symptoms of being sick, we isolate them from the other children until their parents come and pick them up.

Keeping Clean!

In addition to our normal cleaning protocols, we are disinfecting the Kids’ Club and YAC door handles and the Kids’ Club interior push button half door every 15 minutes. We are also disinfecting all other surfaces every hour. Our toys are being tracked by staff and toys that are being used by kids are placed into a “used toy bucket” to be disinfected with BioSafe Biomechanically Engineered Water. This technology converts municipal water into a powerful containment-removing, bacteria-killing agent that cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals. The engineered water destroys all microorganisms and is used to disinfect and clean any environment. Toys are also being cleaned each evening in the dishwasher. Different toys are being rotated each night of the week – Legos one night, pretend food/dishes another night, cars another night, etc. We have also removed stuffed animals, blankets, dress up clothes and any other toy that needs to be washed in the laundry.

Each night, Kids’ Club and YAC are fogged by our Bio-Safe Cleaning Technology. This Fogging Service utilizes biocidal technology by filling an area with a mist of particles which remain in the air long enough to kill any airborne or bacterial contamination. This cold fogging process neutralizes over 300 viruses, molds, allergens and bacteria resulting in a clean and microbial free environment.

To those who have been coming in, we are so happy to see you all and play with your kiddos! Thank you for all of your continued support during these times. We are so happy to watch over and hang out with your kids, while you get much needed and deserved alone time.

To those parents and kiddos who have not joined us in a while, we miss you all so much and hope to have your kids come and play soon! If you have any questions about our protocols or anything else, please feel free to shoot me an email, give me a call, or stop by in person! We are more than happy to show you what we are doing to be sure the kids are staying safe and having fun.

I hope you all have a healthy and great holiday season with your wonderful families and friends!

All the Best,

Colleen Bernardis

Youth Programs Coordinator

Colleen Bernadis Youth programs coordinator

Colleen Bernardis

Colleen graduated in 2017 from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. She began her career at Club Greenwood in 2013, as a Camp Counselor. In 2016, she was a Camp Lead and in April of 2019 she was promoted to Youth Programs Coordinator. Colleen’s passion is working with children and she loves spending time with them, and brightening their days. In her free time, Colleen enjoys hanging out with her friends and family or spending time outdoors.

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