New Workout Buddy for a New Year

By Stu Kershner PT, OCS


January is the time many make resolutions for the new year. Often, that includes a health and fitness resolution – lose weight, work out more, eat healthier, etc. However, many of those resolutions are quick to fade. I have found that one of the things that makes people significantly more consistent with their goal is having a buddy. There is more accountability about achieving a goal when you share it with someone else or have the same goal as someone else.

So, how do you find a buddy to help you? It’s time to be a little less shy and a little more friendly. Do you go to the gym at the same time or for the same class and see the same people, but you don’t know any of their names? Do some of them inspire you to work out harder? Or try a new exercise? Don’t be shy-introduce yourself! Chances are they have noticed you as well and they might even have the same goals you do.

Do you prefer to work out in the weight room? Do you see the same people at the same times? Do you do similar exercises or use the same machines?  Are you impressed by some of the exercises they do? Say “hi” and introduce yourself! Maybe you have more in common than you think. You might want to try what they are doing, and vice versa.

Have you been curious about a class but haven’t tried it yet?  Make a goal to not only go to the class, but introduce yourself to the instructor AND to someone else in class. Maybe the class has some partner aspect already built in. Get to know them a bit before and after class. Then you have a new gym friend and you can remind each other to come to class. They will probably appreciate the encouragement and if you miss a class or two, don’t worry, your new buddy will miss you and look forward to chatting with you the next time you to come to class.

Club Greenwood is one of the most friendly and social clubs I’ve ever been to. Take advantage of the community aspect and introduce yourself to someone new!