Pilates Safety Protocols

Pilates Instructors/Clients

  • In-Home, Onsite, Online and Outside Pilates sessions are available
  • Clients to arrive in studio no earlier than five minutes prior to session
  • Instructors to wash hands before and after each client
  • Instructors disinfect equipment after use
  • Non-member clients will enter main entrance, present DL and sign the guest registration


Swan Studio

  • Arrive no earlier than five minutes before class and go straight to Reformer
  • Members to wipe down equipment before and after class
  • Classes will end at :55 to allow for disinfecting between classes
  • All props to be wiped down and disinfected after use
  • Maximum of eight class participants

Star Studio

  • Instructors and clients must follow safe distancing

Alignment Room

  • Single sessions only
  • Allow for 15 minutes between sessions to disinfect room and change sheets
  • Follow protocol for massage studios