Squash and Racquetball

Squash and Racquetball at Club Greenwood

Club Greenwood is the place to play racquetball and squash in the Denver Tech Center.

Players will enjoy one regulation size racquetball court and one international squash court, both available for court reservations during all hours of operation. A player list is available for members to set up and schedule matches. We also offer squash and racquetball lessons for both adults and kids!

Members who would like to book a court can download the Club Greenwood App or call the Service Desk to book a court 303.770.2582 x274.

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Private and Semi-Private Squash or Racquetball Lessons

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Schedule private and semi-private squash lessons with squash professional Salim Khan or racquetball professional Scott Walker. Improve your stroke mechanics, serve, scoring, court positioning, return serve and court etiquette.

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Kids Squash Lessons

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Introduce your child (ages 6-13) to squash with professional Salim Khan. Kid’s squash lessons cover basic stroke mechanics, serving, strategy, scoring, mental discipline, court positioning, returning serve, court etiquette and basic fitness.

Programs Include All Necessary Equipment.

Programs and Classes


It is a lifetime sport (players have been known to play well into their 80’s) that is played in over 120 countries. It has been rated by many authorities as one of the best sports for fitness, particularly for heart health. Many tennis professionals play squash as a complimentary sport in order to enhance their fitness and racquet skills. That includes players such as Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall in the past and Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and Stephan Edberg more recently.
It is a great way to elevate the heart and get a create cardiovascular workout. It is a full-body sport, so it recruites all muscle groups and builds strength, quickness, coordination, agility and balance.
The primary difference between the two games, other than the ball and racket size are: Racquetball is played on a four walled court with no out-of-bounds. Squash has a court boundary along the walls and the “tin” on the front wall [similar to the net in tennis] and the ball has to be hit above it. In racquetball, if you hit the ball low enough on the front wall it is a winner and cannot be returned. In squash, every ball will have a bounce so that there are more opportunities to return more balls. In squash, there are longer rallies than in racquetball and players have to out-maneuver their opponent. It means that more finesse is required in one’s racquet skills in order to play squash.
Members may reserve a court online on the Club Greenwood App for no additional cost. Guests pay a $30 guest fee / $20 with a member to play Members may access a players list so they can find other members to play
Squash or racquetball can be played by novice or advanced players, there is no barrier to playing.

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Squash and Racquetball at Club Greenwood

For squash and racquetball lovers in the Lone Tree, Centennial, Denver, Castle Rock, Cherry Hills, Englewood, and Greenwood Village areas, you have a second home at Club Greenwood. Squash and racquetball are excellent sports to get your blood pumping, calories burned, and increase your stamina and agility. Club Greenwood has squash and racquetball programs for adults and kids of all skill levels. To improve your performance, be sure to take advantage of the private and semi-private squash lessons offered at Club Greenwood. When you join us for squash and racquetball at Club Greenwood, you will see why we are the premier health club in the area.