Athlete’s Boot Camp

Athlete's Boot Camp

Athlete’s Bootcamp is a comprehensive program focusing on enhancing speed, agility, quickness, coordination and powerlifting strength through meticulously crafted workouts. Athlete’s Bootcamp utilizes a phased approach, integrating various equipment to target specific fitness components effectively. Trackable metrics will be in place to monitor athlete’s progress throughout this 8-week program.



Junior Division
Ages 10-14

Teen Division
Ages 15-19

Camp Schedule

Week 01: Baseline Assessment and Introduction
Week 02: Technique Focus
Week 03: Endurance and Agility
Week 04: Skill Development and Plyometrics
Week 05: Strength and Power Development
Week 06: Skill Enhancement
Week 07: Performance Optimization
Week 08: Final Assessment and Reflection

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Bradley Akers, Personal Trainer

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