Greenwood 5.0+ Doubles League

Greenwood 5.0+ Doubles League

This top-dog format league has a minimum UTR requirement: women 7.0 and men 8.0. If you are unsure if your UTR qualifies you, please contact Allie and Michelle who will make a determination along with Director of Racquet Sports Alex Dove.

This league will compete for prize money. A full league (28 players) will compete for $500 in total prize money. Winner $200, Second Place $150, third place 100 and fourth place $50.

If the league is oversubscribed, the top 28 player UTR’s will be used to determine who plays in the league, including a subset of women (maximum of 8).

Signing up does not guarantee your spot.
*Format – one set with each player on the court. Bump up/bump down format.


Indoor Tennis Courts

January 31-March 13

$105 Members | $160 Guests
(you may split a spot with another player)
Min 20 / Max 28

To register please email Allie and Michelle

For More Information

Allie Shafner, Tennis Professional

[email protected]

303.770.2582 x368

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