Recovery at Club Greenwood

Complimentary with Membership

Recovery is a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength. It is essential to managing physical stress from training, preventing injuries, improving performance and enhancing overall health. We offer a variety of options such as a stretch cage, hydromassage, dynamic compression, cold therapy, a vibration plate and more!

Must be a Club or Tennis Member, 16 Years or over
No non-member access.

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woman relaxing in a massage chair

Hydromassage Lounge Chairs

Hydromassage lounge chairs use heated water to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience enjoyed post-workout as a cool-down or before a workout to loosen tight muscles. Some members may visit the Club just to use the lounge chair between workouts.

Cryolounge Chair with lady on it

CryoLounge+ Chair

CryoLounge+ chairs offer convenient, targeted cold and heat therapy with hassle-free setup and operation.

People sitting in Normatec Boots

NormaTec PULSE Recovery Boots

NormaTec PULSE Recovery Boots are dynamic compression devices employing three key techniques – pulsing, distal release and gradients – via a patented pulse technology to enhance blood flow and speed recovery.

People wearing the Hyperice shoulder wrap, back wrap and utility wrap.


Hyperice uses ice and heat in an easy to use sleeve for the back, knee, shoulder and utility (ankle, wrist, etc.). Venom Back is a digitally connected heat and vibration wearable that soothes and loosens achy muscles. The knee/shoulder/utility sleeve use ice compression featuring patented air-release technology.

true stretch cage in gray room

TRUE Stretch Cage

Flexibility is one of the key components of overall fitness. Increased flexibility can be achieved using various modes of exercise including stretching. The TRUE Stretch Cage is an exclusive all-encompassing tool designed to take you through the most dynamic stretching program available.

Woman foam rolling on Trigger Point roller

Trigger Point

Trigger Point accessories are commonly used on the Club Greenwood weight room floor with and without a trainer. The Recovery Zone will include similar and unique Trigger Point accessories designed to pinpoint specific areas, decrease muscle soreness and aid in recovery.

Lady working out on a power plate

Power Plate

Power Plate is the leading vibrating platform to help you prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker. It also stimulates natural reflexes, increases muscle activation, improves circulation and flexibility, boosts endurance and energy, enhances metabolism and increases circulation.

There are some situations in which the use of vibration therapy is not recommended. We recommend attending one of our complimentary seminars to better acquaint you with this device.
*Use the Power Plate is at your own risk.

Recovery Q&A


Recovery for your body and mind has never been more important and we are excited to now offer these services as part of your membership at Club Greenwood. Combined with steam, sauna and whirlpool, you have everything you need to complete your workout!

Who are the Recovery Services For?
Available to all members 16 years of age and over.

How do I access the Recovery Zone?
Use your bar code on the Club Greenwood App or your membership card.

How do I access the Hydromassage and CryoLounge Chairs?
Use the last five digits of your membership access number.

How often may I use the Hydromassage and CryoLounge Chairs?
Available one time per day. Hydromassage for 10 minutes and CryoLounge for 20 minutes.

Power Plate use requires experience and training. How do I acquire that training?
Complimentary Power Plate Seminars are given by Rob Blue or ask your trainer. More times will be added as needed.
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Who do I contact if I have questions on how to use any items?
For Hydromassage Lounge Chairs | CryoLounge Chair | Normatec Compression Technology | Hyperice Accessories
Contact: Lisa Thomas or stop by the Business Office

For TRUE Stretch Cages | Power Plates
Contact David Nutting or stop by the Service Desk

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